[Guides] Create Thread Guide For Insane Dungeon Three 55 Reply   

1# Leafs |

10/27/15 1:42:28 AM


2# Leafs |

10/27/15 1:42:43 AM


3# Leafs |

10/27/15 1:42:54 AM


4# Battlevixen |

10/27/15 1:50:27 AM

Simply amazing Leafs. Thank you so much for this. Waiting patiently for the pics!

5# MortalMan |

10/27/15 2:03:01 AM

No Death Knight? Surprising.

6# chromeski |

10/27/15 2:07:04 AM

Just skip to 4-4.

7# thanasis2028 |

10/27/15 3:00:34 AM

Great! I just 3-flamed 2-10 thanks to your guide, and now I have to start tryharding again :D. I have no sm however, and I was replacing him with reaper or siren to reach here. Do you think I can reach 4-10 without sm? And who would you use instead?

8# exitBurnz |

10/27/15 3:29:35 AM

thanks buddy! :)
great job kmy, see in you in arena :D xD

9# KongMysen |

10/27/15 6:26:34 AM

I just reached 4-7 with no santa, sm or Mino, but I fear this is the end of the line for me. Simply no progress in that whatsoever. Max was 30 %, but there's just too many damn towers. I'm in despair :/

10# KongMysen |

10/27/15 6:36:00 AM

A note on the 3-6 comment "there's not much strategy to this". I think there is, but I agree it requires alot of luck as well.

I dropped frenzy on the very top, not next to it. First I dropped my revive druid and PD on the left side of the circle. A few secs after I dropped cupid on the left and the other 3 on the right. This gave me the nessecary split to allow me to conquer 50%. I drop druid first because this allows for a VERY late GA. Usually with this split, PD gets to the heroes first and you really need this to build up the nessecary speed.

This is a picture of how it looks when you have no Santa/SM to clear distant buildings: