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1# Eva1210 |

12/2/15 3:59:27 AM

You can access Artifacts from the Relic Hall once you have evolved at least one Hero.

Artifacts Main UI

①   : Artifact image, name, and level
②   : Effect of the Artifact
③   : Blessed Heroes and remaining slots (Note that Artifacts can only bless evolved Heroes)
④   : Requirement for unlocking the Artifact (Click here for details of all Artifacts and the requirements to unlock them)
⑤   : If you fulfill the requirements, simply tap unlock to to start using the Artifact. Unlocked Artifacts start at Lv 1.

Each Artifact can bless a different number of Heroes, ranging from one to six.

Tap a Hero from the list below to add it to a slot. The Hero is now blessed by the Artifact.

Leveling up Artifacts

Level up Artifacts to increase the power of their blessings.
①   The effect of your Artifact at the current level.
②   The effect of your Artifact after it is leveled up.
③   The cost of leveling up the Artifact. If you have the required amount of Merits, the button will light up. Just tap “Level Up” to increase its level.

2# APasi33 |

12/2/15 6:56:29 AM


3# (89751497) |

12/2/15 7:17:41 AM

'eye of Garduda' - what does 'silence the target's mean?

4# HelpzmiPlzzzzzp |

12/2/15 7:26:00 AM

Thanks beautiful Eva:)

5# Wojtek_G(192350646) |

12/2/15 7:41:30 AM

how to unlock blitz scroll i have 3 star in insane 1-3 and i cant unlock
or should be 3-1 insane?
but i have 1-6 3 star, and i dont have unlock goblet of life

6# Chuleto |

12/2/15 10:23:44 AM

How to unlockglobet of life and blitz?
Do i need ID 1-6 and ID 3-1?

7# Pepsosco |

12/2/15 12:43:49 PM

What does ACC mean?

8# PrincessLea |

12/2/15 1:05:07 PM

Can a hero be blessed by multiple artifacts ?

9# Amfet |

12/2/15 3:00:10 PM

Are artefact stacks? When have sprint talent 2/8 = 20% and artefatcs gives 10%? = 30% or (hero speed x talent ) x artefact (200x20%)x10%
Sry my english is too low :-(

10# Raf1020 |

12/2/15 3:10:54 PM