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1# FirstLady |

6/19/18 1:30:37 PM

Since the most recent update there has been a lot of conversation regarding the increased effort to apply crests, as well as which are the bests crests to convert to Insignias.

Some say only convert the Level 5's since they can be upgraded to 6's , while others say only level ones to free up more warehouse space.  

However I am curious as to how you would respond to the following.

* Do you prefer Crests or Insignias?
* Which is more convenient?
* How would you streamline the crest application process?
* Does the Insignia bag help you save more warehouse space?
* Will you be upgrading to level 6 Insignias?
* Do you want a higher level Insignia?

Please feel free to add any questions that you would like member feedback on, as well as any suggestions you feel would make the feature more user friendly.

2# ZoroCZ |

6/22/18 6:23:32 AM

I would LOVE to use insignias more. Both because they don't take any warehouse slot and because it's faster to switch them. However, without the possibility to break them back to crests, I won't use them because it might prevent me from making higher level set/insignia later.

So in the end I am stuck with even worse way how to change crest sets as now I have to click extra INLAY for each individual slots making changing crest sets a real nightmare. Even before it was quite bad requiring 7 clicks, now I need 11. I basically stopped switching crest sets for various game modes except for GW and sometimes archdemon.

As much as I'd like to upgrade insignias to lvl6, as f2p I don't think I will. I am able to do ss, fg or ten but that's about it from those that make at least some sense. Also the crystals are p2p exclusive so I am ruled out anyway (This is not a complaint, just a simple fact statement).

As far as changing insignias/crest is concerned, it should be as easy and fast as possible.
Click insignia slot, select insignia... two clicks are enough! If you want to know exact stats, you can look in warehouse/bag. We are changing it for the extra talent usually, not base stats. Once you have insignia equipped you see the base stats anyway.

Click any crest slot, remove all, click any crest slot, choose another crest -> should try to equip the same crest of the same level to the remaining slots 4 clicks to change a whole set in comparison to current 11. Sometimes you might want different level in each slot and that you can do afterwards like it works now.

Bottom line of the new changes:
Good idea but execution is very lacking. Remove the extra INLAY step as the minimum.

3# craig0787 |

6/22/18 6:59:15 AM

I like the new insignias, I've converted all my useable crest sets into insignias, freed up loads of warehouse space and easier to switch between hero's so it's a win win. Cost to make LVL 6 insignias is high though so probably won't be making any LVL 6 sets any time soon.

4# iYoDa2point0 |

6/22/18 7:02:28 AM

Once the crest slot is pressed, go to the old crest selection ui that people are familiar with with a “back” button in the top left.

Would i upgrade a level 5 set? Not unless the runes are available for fame or merits in the warehouse, there is enough things for sale without adding more.

5# Fe2O3 |

6/22/18 9:04:24 AM

Good thread.

* Do you prefer Crests or Insignias?

Eventually I want most of my crest be Insignias, if IGG addresses the design flaw

* Which is more convenient?

Insignias will be easier to manage and apply once problems are fixed.   That they are stored in a separate bag is a plus as well.

* How would you streamline the crest application process?

As mentioned by others, remove "inlay" step.

* Does the Insignia bag helped you save more warehouse space?

Not yet, because of L5 issue.  I don't have many L5s, and I am wearing ones that I have.

* Will you be upgrading to level 6 Insignias?

Eventually.  Right now, even L5s sets are hard to get without buying them.  As well, insignia rune is pretty expensive.   It would have to be since it stands for two L5 crest sets, but I don't see myself buying it unless it is in pack with a hero I want

* Do you want a higher level Insignia?

Not me.  L6 is already hard and expensive to get, and there won't be many of them in play.   L7... yikes.

6# xJamesssss |

6/22/18 9:04:36 AM

since its not for f2p why would anyone care

7# LordFarkward |

6/22/18 9:40:02 AM

We must be able to revert them back to crest freely, see here for many that support that idea


Also, please stop that individual "inlay" clicks, it was perfectly fine before, please get rid of that extra step.

Thanks FL!

8# Teddu |

6/22/18 10:16:32 AM

Well in short... Insignia is good to manage and apply but currently it's hard to get even one level 5 Crest set.. So until we got high level crests more easily from game modes.. I wouldn't use insignia.

9# MikeZiti |

6/22/18 11:29:43 AM

I definitely like the idea behind Insignias but have the following feedback (as many have said):

1) The inlay process for both crests and Insignias is painful now with the extra click. Please remove this.
2) Allow Insignias to be converted back to crests (for free)
3) Level 6 (and potentially higher) should be accessible to F2P and even if it's in parts and not like the horrendous drop rate of SS from Lab chests
4) Previous to the Insignias update when you would combine crests you would be able to combine more then one set without it resetting as it does now after the update. This is very frustrating so please revert this (not sure if this same applies to Insignia combining but I imagine it does)
5) When clicking Crest option from Hero Altar it takes me to the first hero in my altar that has crest inlaid and skips any hero that has Insignia inlaid. Not sure if this is by design or just something missed.

10# ArgamonCC |

6/22/18 12:26:00 PM

Basically I like the idea of insignias. It is a step in the right direction. But as usual with first releases they need some improvement.

The main reason we wanted sth like that is quicker reconfiguration of our heroes. As the right crest set is very dependent on game mode. I still would prefer that the setups save the hero configuration like in arena defense for all game modes, but this is also saving some clicks.

But it could do much better. The process of changing an insignia is way too many clicks. And lets not even talk about the new process of changing crest sets ...

The changes I would like to see in a future update:
1. Redesign the UI
I dislike the tabbed UI. Especially as it is already in a tabbed UI by the hero overview. It requires more clicks and raises unnecessary questions like "can we use both crest set and isignia?"
I propose to turn it back to the old look and let either put a crest or an insignia into a slot. Once an insignia is put in the other slots get grayed out or some other kind of visual display of the state.
2. Remove the "Inlay" button
Return it back to the old system. So you just have to select crest/insignia. There is no need to ask back. You cannot loose anything by picking a wrong crest/insignia. Such a dialog is necessary for talent swapping, where you are doing an irreversable action, but not for this kind of task
3. Add the insignias to the quick configuration
Current quick configuration is lacking crest sets. But as crest sets/insignias are an essential part of a hero configuration...
4. Add an option to split up insignias
Many players are reluctant to use the new feature as it is a one way ticket. Add an option to split insignias to individiual crests and problem is solved
5. Make the combination rune available to everyone
It is such a bad decision to make this rune "buy only". Offer it for fame, red or blue crystals. Anything you like, but paying as the only option is really bad