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[Chat (Android)] The Most Important Things For New Players!

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{There has probably been something like this at some point, but its not stickied anywhere I could find or on the first few pages.}

I wish I would have known just a few things when I started playing this game. They aren't obvious to new players as I've heard most of them mentioned repeatedly. Also, in most cases these issues can hold you back significantly in your progression.

1. Don't waste honor badges on rolling heroes. You won't get legendaries. Also, you will desperately need that currency a little later even if you are not using it all right away. I'd also suggest buying the daily 1000 honor badges for 50 gems although it will seriously cut into your early hero rolls.

2. Don't try to defend in Arena. Until you can get into the top 1000 rank at least (i.e. not for a very long time) you will gain far more honor badges per hour by keeping a low ranking and winning against weaker opponents. So that 1 level 20 hero defense is optimal.

3. Get up to 5 builders ASAP. At some point, all your upgrades will take days. The sooner you rush builder #3, #4, and #5 the faster your progression will be and the less time you will waste in the early-mid game.

4. Don't waste gems on rolling your hero's talents unless you are willing to spend LOTS of real money. The chances of getting a good roll on a good talent is very poor, and until you have at least 6 optimal legendary heroes (pumpkin duke and cupid particularly since you cannot buy them with shards) gems are far better used for that moderate chance of getting a great hero you don't yet possess. Also, don't waste gems on hurrying buildings.

5. Get in a guild. Even if you just participate on boss its still an enormous source for hero badges. There are plenty of guilds that are looking.

6. Look up a good base defense so you can succeed in HBM as early as possible. Here's a great place to start:

7. Hero Priority: Unfortunately, new players are seriously gated by druid not being easily available until a full month of logging in. Sadly, druid is essential, and none of the other "healers" are even remotely acceptable substitutes. Next is Thunder God. He's amazing in every aspect of the game with his spectacular special ability and well-rounded high-end stats. After that, its debatable which hero to focus on picking up. Some are good for Arenas (ninja/succubus) while others thrive in HBM (immortep).

8. If you don't plan on spending real money, tapjoy offers can either supply the last few gems you need for a hero roll or even provide many full rolls. I've spent less than $10 on this game, and I've still picked up nearly 5000 gems. Keep in mind that most of the bigger offers will either cost you real money or a lot of hassle. It all depends on how desperate you are for gems.

9. Don't waste time upgrading troops other than pyromancer/griffon. I know when I started the siege troops seemed great, but I ended up costing myself weeks on troops I would never use again. Hunter/centaur are not terrible, but if you look at other players you will see that most use pyro/birdy.

10. Log in often. Just logging in once a day gets you over 50 gems a day, two legendary heroes, lots of hero badges, and more. Logging in as often as once an hour means you never have to lose opportunities in HBM, Arena, and Dungeons. Just don't burn out. There's so much fun stuff to do the deeper you get into this game.

[backcolor=rgb(229, 237, 242)]Alwaysbored612 was working on a very similar post, and its got some great info, too! ... d=134284&pid=972973

If anyone else has something I missed, I'll be happy to edit this post.

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you forgot the most important thing... (I think as I only scanned your post)

Don't Spend until you get PD!!

Then... Spend away and make a fool of me :)

Remember this:
Start with 10 accounts... play them for 2 weeks.. if no PD yet
Start 10 more and play all 20 for 2 more weeks.. if still no PD
Start 10 more and play all 30 for 2 more weeks.. if still no PD
repeat and continue repeating until you get PD
Then.. finally, after getting PD... even if you had to start 100 accts..
Buy your first $49.99 pack and roll for other legends. :)


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I don't think the guides will help new players very much. The thing is, when a new player starts playing, they want to enjoy the game through their own methods. Not using any guides or anything. By the time they actually get to the forums, they will have already made these mistakes.  Experience is the best teacher.

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PD being Pumpkin Duke for those beginners reading this... ;) If you get Pumpkin Duke AND Cupid you may be even happier with that account... I have to say by the way that I disagree with point 3. I am a strong believer that 4 builders is enough. The tradeoff of 2000 gems for the 5th builder might feel like it will pay off in the long run, but it really only pays off if otherwise you would have used gems to speed up production. You require quite some gold and mana to keep 5 builders occupied and I dont think most new players will be ready for that kind of time investment, so 4 should really be enough.
The 13 hero rolls are more useful.

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I have to +1 the 5 builders.  They could say 6th for 3k gems  and Id jump on it.  40 days from base 5.  And still have several buildings that are laging that need leveling.  Builders are the best deal in the game.  Alot of stuff I wish I knew when I started, though I fear like was said most dont get on the forums til later in game.

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Also castle clash wikia. Great site

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on my smurf i built up 40k honor badges receiving the 50k an hour,,,, (i didn't log on that entire time) and i decided to roll them for a giggle ......... got pd a week later and now im bottle necked :(

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no to whatever number it is you said to intentionally tank the arena. to some, like me, hb bottleneck isnt really a big deal. the game is about competition. fight for the highest rank and destroy everybody's base in your might range. to hell with hb, it will come. have fun, play the game.

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good tips if I had favor I would give you some but I dont:(

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