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[Guild] how do i send a guild invitation in public chat??? Please help!!!

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Like the title States i cant figure out how to send out a guild invitation. I know before they removed the public chat for a period of time the invite button was just in the guild menu under my guild before the edit button. Is the invite button back in the same spot it was before? If so i dont have it. If not can some one tell me how to send invites? If some one can post a screen shot of where the invite button is would really appreciate it so much im trying to get new members for my guild and am now limited on how to get members with out this option. On a similar not if any one is looking to join a guild i am accepting any one. Guild name terrorsquad

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you should create a thread in guild talk recruiting people like a page with info about your guild

and I would give out your gmail on here bro, but im paranoid

and the only invite is in chat, go to chat then social click the place to type and it will say recruite guild members but it costs guild credits. youd be better off finding people here

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Invite in chat not in guild wnymore, but wastes credits, you will do better just by making a post here, also just pm ppl looking for guilds in game chat

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I am looking for people to join our guild we fight boss 3 I can help anyone must have might over 8000 come and join. Guild name is k1ngs

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To send a friend request, does the person you are sending it to have to be online? I have sent a few and had the people not receive them Burger king survey, as well as I was sent a few a did not receive them when I was offline.