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[Guides] HBM Base Design - O/P/Q+ (aka Cordi's Base)

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Posted on 4/25/15 7:45:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello guys. I am just a lowbie, F2P, regular player. So far, I've never thought of building any sort of base to beat higher maps in HBM, but once I came across a link on castle clash wiki and it directed me here. So here I am and I am going to ask.

The farest I ever get is F4. But at the same time, I just put all buildings next to each other at the bottom of map, so ...

I just wanted to ask which of the bases on these 11 pages should I build, because if these can get you to P in HBM, they sure as hell can beat F, G, H, I, J, K and L. 

The trouble here is that I do not own many good heroes, let me list some:

Santa Boom, lvl 122, 5/9, Revive 1/5
Druid, lvl 121, 5/9, Scorch 1/5
Grizzly Reaper, lvl 120, 5/9, Scatter 1/5
Vlad Dracula, lvl 116, 3/9, Berserk 1/5
Succubus, lvl 103, 3/9, Revitalize 1/5
Paladin, lvl 102, 3/9, Scatter 3/5

For last like 9 or more months I have only been doing log-ins daily, rolling gems on Heroes or fastening buildings. But most of the times I did not do anything. I started doing rerolling Heroes' specs recently. Same as I got Santa Boom and Vlad Dracula recently just yet. Working on skills of those two, they are quite powerfull.

I also got Immortep lvl 110, Thunder God 103 and Snowzilla 104. 

Which ones should I use? I just wanna level them all up, the rest can be in towers. Oh yeah, also not using crests because I just recently noticed such a thing existed. Lol. Same goes for warehouse. Shows how much I did not pay attention. 

Thanks for any help, it will be appreciated. I'd like to save shards for Siren and Atlanticore, so I wanna do highest stage possible. Once again, thank you. :)

Posted on 4/25/15 8:53:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

limetka. just work on leveling up the vlad and the santa. everything else will work out fine for you.

get rid of the paladin and level up the immotep.

keep rolling for heros until you get a pumpkin duke.

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Posted on 4/26/15 5:27:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Okay, I made my base based upon this:

It is design for base with TH 18. I know my TH is just 17, it's going 18 at the moment though. I will re-do my towers, upgrade my walls but I wanted to ask - what kinda troops should I get if it even matters? And is the placing of other buildings done well? Should I move the whole base down the map yet a bit? And, last thing - the heroes. Fine as this or should I move them? This is the last thing I'm bothering with, from then I will try to roll that Pumpkin Duke (had 3 Elites today from rolls ...), a solid Tank hero and upgade the towers so I could get up to O/P in HBM.

This is my last thing and thank you guys for making this thread, been a real help (or I hope it was, going to try HBM in few hours).

Posted on 5/13/15 2:40:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I see someone's provided a TH16 5 hero base variant, but no TH16 6 hero base design. Here's the best I could do. Suggestions welcome.

It only takes me to O4 but that's probably got more to do with my lame hero line-up.

Posted on 5/13/15 2:48:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Cordi I have a question for you.How to put my heroes?I have PD,Cupid,Druid,Vlad,Santa and Aries/Immo/DK/TG etc,so how to put my heroes?

Arsenal was here.
Posted on 5/14/15 12:18:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Arsenal007 - I would try this formation;

Immortep                                 Vlad
                      Cupid        PD
Santa                                        Druid

This formation I tested for P and it worked well. For Q I would probably swap Immortep for Aries just for the ranged attack, but Siren would be better if you managed to get her