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[Guides] New to CC? Fear no more.

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Being new myself, I had to do my own research to find out what would really help me understand and progress. Here is a list of my favorite readings I wish I had before I started this game.

1. 70% of the things you will ever need to know can be found here. You will keep coming back to this.

2. Reading the textbook is nothing like real life CC. Here are some amazing practical advice they don't teach you in school.

3. Although geared toward F2P, this article does a great job in guiding you through the early stages of the game with the things you should aim to do.

4. HBM & how to build a base. A lot of the fun in the game is about being creative with designing your own personal base that looks badass or simply works for your needs, and I don't want to take that away from you. That being said, if you want some tried and tested base designs geared towards HBM this article has good collection of them. (keep in mind many of these designs need a high town-hall level but can be modified)

Cordi's Base Design for HBM2

5. Want to know what are the most optimal heroes for each mode?
6. Want to know what are the most optimal talents for each hero?

7. Want to know what are the most optimal crests for each hero?

8. How should I boss fight? what line up should I use? How do I perma stun?

I.) Hit and run part is outdated, still useful for those who need help with T1/T2 boss & stun timing 

II.) A more modern approach to bossing and max damage.

9. Like to play in the arena? (Thread is old but still a good read imo)

10. Lost Realm, Inscriptions & Crests. Like many new players, this confused me at first and this is the best article I found to help you understand it.

11. Misc. Links

Castle Clash Slang

When is Berzerk useful?

12. Got questions? Just ask.

a) IGG forums. Biggest traffic of people who play this game.   

b) Reddit. Although the forums are not as active, there are less trolls.

Did I miss any good articles for our fellow new clashers? let me know down below! ;)

Best of Luck,

Change Log:
-Added Castle Clash Slang (4/15/2015)
-Added Cordi's Base design for HBM2 (4/12/2015)

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To he honest I skip the whole thread to just comment by writing thank you
yes thank you for the informations
ps don't post castle clash life story im not interesting any more


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your code error on number 1.

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My 2 cents so far. 

There are 3 key resources that you need in this game. Heroes, Honor badges, and shards. Heroes are ranked quality over quantity. Honor badges are needed to level up heroes. Shards are needed to upgrade your hero talent. 

Outside of gems, you can get heroes over time and some great ones can be bought with shards. Honor badges will be the biggest bottleneck you will face at the start, followed by shards. Both of these can be easily alleviated through a good guild. I cannot stress how important it is to find a good one. This means a couple things. 

You need to get INTO a decent guild first. Although most optimal ones require 10k might, just find the best one for your might. However, the rewards they offer are most important. You need to consider three things.
a) Daily boss fights: Do they offer tier 1,2, or 3?
b) Torch battle: How many HB/ shards can they get consistently? Ranging from 0-10,000 HB and 0-800 Shards
c) Messa Battle: Messa 1, 2 or 3? Although it is dependent on your own ability, you spend less time and is more likely to be completed than joining a random team. 

Find a guild that is in the same time zone as you, CC time = in game time based on a 24 hour clock. Most good guilds run messa battles right after the boss fight, so take that into consideration.

The Magic 10. Once again, 10k might. It will also give you access to Lost Realm, more importantly inscription. Get there even if you have to inflate you might from 9k (spending two green books on a level 1 heroes will get you at least 81 might each time)

Being able to do messa will grant you a stable amount of merit badges which can then be used in the warehouse to purchase key resources like honor badges, shards, talent refresh cards etc

Don't forget to repair that quest board. 

Higher Might is a good thing.
A wise man once told me: hbm + dungeons = shards shards = skill exp = might = more hb

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Pretty good starter info. I'll send this to guides now.

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I would say that the first link in the boss section is outdated. Hit and Run and Proc and Run strategies are no longer worth using unless you have 50,000 shard credits to use up skipping the cooldown created after that strategy post. Also, a 5/5 scatter team is not needed to effectively scatter-lock the boss. War Machine's post is quite informative and well deserving of that section.

Technical Mesa/PD info:

Great Post!  Plenty more info out there, but a great beginner guide for a full-spectrum look into Castle Clash~

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Cool guide

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Awesome guide :)

+10 favor... Oh wait :p

Der hier angezeigte Beitrag stellt meine Meinung dar.
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Hey Guys,

This is a great post, the info here will help any beginner to a great start! I wish I had this a year and a half ago when I started playing. My guild, EternalElites, hosts a Facebook page where we do random giveaways to the public, post helpful links and keep guild mates informed on the latest Castle Clash news and what not. I am going to post a link to this on our page to help guys out who might be able to use this info!-Team EE

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New to CC? Fear no more... Just run for your life and don't look back! You haven't got the foggiest idea what kinda sh!te you're getting yourself into! Run fathermucker, run! (Inspired by IGG and CC)

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