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[Event] Event Q & A

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When it is going to be the meme pictures voting?

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This is about the Amazon 5-star Fun Fest.
Can we post our review again?

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For the "[Fan Art Event] Castle Clash MEME PICTURE" when and where will the winners be posted?

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Is it necessary to make a VIDEO for a newbie guide event?

Can't we just create a thread 'newbie guide' with detailed information and participate in the event?

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Why are these prizes so insanely awful for the amount of work involved.  2,000 gems to make a comprehensive video guide for new players?  Are you kidding me? Whats that like, $9.99 worth of gems?  To create and edit a decent guide will take an entire day of editing.  Having worked in Post production that's at least $1,000/day.  
I saw another post a while back offering a similar low gem reward for someone to compose a theme song for the game.  LOL.  It will cost you $5,000 - $15,000 to hire a decent composer to make a song, but you offer $9.99 in gems to get players to do it for you.  Don't you guys make enough money already, step up these offers please.

Lmao please don't participate in this insulting "reward".

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Regarding moral compass event shouldn't people whom questions have been selected get a small prize as well like 100 gems lol

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Can i request something or maybe suggestion : 

For all upgrading on buildings,troops, recovering time for heros,hbm and others all the very important task we clasher need to do,gems not that easy to get for some people not all are wealthy hehe i am talking on behalf for those poor people they love the game but sad not much cash to get lotsa gems , can we add another option to do it by using gold or mana ? Maybe huge amount of it? Maybe certain days can be arrange? 

Thanks & Regards


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On the
Developer Q & A session part two! (YouTube!)

Why is there not a banner above the post where you put your information in so only admins can see it


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I was just wondering if you guys are going to put a trade system up