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[Event] [Forum Event] Physhield Quest Winner's List.

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Posted on 5/5/15 1:42:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

                                  Physhield Quest Event Winners:

4Unfeeling93GalhadIOS500 Gems
9Unknown33scriptUnknown33scriptAndroid500 Gems
10KakarottVinayakss3Android500 Gems
16ocdallasocdallasAndroid500 Gems
17PedroCamiloPedroCamiloAndroid500 Gems

31SnowCharming89Whiteblaze89Android300 Gems
42champ007Arno911Android300 Gems
97PhantominaPantominaAndroid300 Gems
100FroilocFroilocAndroid300 Gems
120Balderdash1Balderdash1Android300 Gems
139RallyYA1237✨Rally1237✨iOS300 Gems
170EllifasEllifasArmorgames300 Gems
192Aphlyxion_1AphlyxionAmazon300 Gems
235Kelvin_Ho(103111613)KelHoAndroid300 Gems
368StevesabbathCobrasteveiOS300 Gems

140-TevaS--TevaS-Android100 Gems
24138fatih38fatihAndroid100 Gems
22AchillesAashishAndroid100 Gems
74Ali-HaiderFighter213Android100 Gems
141Blazar420-69Blazar420Android100 Gems
144CC_SlayerSaiyanSlayerXAmazon100 Gems
285Chua_Weelay(103192091)cwliOS100 Gems
282congtu2002cvietnamcolenAndroid100 Gems
127CptSharderCptSharderiOS100 Gems
44Dolo_skdoloskarnAndroid100 Gems
296Eniel122Eniel122Facebook100 Gems
306Evey01Evey01Android100 Gems
230exitBurnzlarsioiOS100 Gems
254fobhunterzfobhunterzAndroid100 Gems
98GarnisoftGarnisoftAndroid100 Gems
345gÖkzgÖkzFacebook100 Gems
248hemant12hemanthemant12hemantAndroid100 Gems
214henry581henry581Android100 Gems
180Him696Him696Android100 Gems
190IamDreadgarth16Android100 Gems
375ImInspiredImInspirediOS100 Gems
324JackiewuJackiewuiOS100 Gems
372john_cercokboAndroid100 Gems
223jonthetruthjonsatoaAndroid100 Gems
85LuappZeroLuappiOS100 Gems
275missingheromissingheroAmazon100 Gems
198PaljonRahaaPaljonRahaaAndroid100 Gems
279RaveMakerRaveMakerAndroid100 Gems
84regidiceregidiceiOS100 Gems
209Rob82Rob82Amazon100 Gems
295ryan1456Ryan1456Android100 Gems
336ThaddeusAlowishusChestRockfieldAndroid100 Gems
334XxKing_GxXGurjaapAmazon100 Gems
174YoritomoYoritomo3Android100 Gems
237zerggresszerggrossiOS100 Gems

Here is the Answer:

Edit: Added Picture by knightraven


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Posted on 5/5/15 1:45:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Goodbye everyone!
Posted on 5/5/15 1:55:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you :)

Posted on 5/5/15 1:56:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Uhh, what was the answer?

Edit: I posted the correct answer before most of the winners, why didn't I win?
Edit 2:

Posted on 5/5/15 2:08:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The Correct response was 15, for those of you who created multiple posts only the first response counted and for those of you who submitted entries for multiple accounts, only the first account received awards as it is a standing rule whether stated or not that there is only one entry per IP Address / Account unless otherwise stated.


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Posted on 5/5/15 2:09:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Uhh, any chance I could get the free gems in the next hour???

Goodbye everyone!
Posted on 5/5/15 2:20:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanx!!!!! :)

Posted on 5/5/15 2:31:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I lost with answer 15 .one post from one account can explain please.

Posted on 5/5/15 2:54:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

How do i get the gems???
Will i get them in mailbox or directly like maintenance???

Posted on 5/5/15 3:29:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I won 100 gems!
Thanks for your support :p

Cupid, Vlad Dracula, Santa Boom, Aries......... I need all of you ^^