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[Chat (Android)] Truly Best Base for HBM II

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Posted on 6/1/15 11:03:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Cool base, might try it

Moltanica tastes kinda like chicken

Posted on 6/1/15 9:49:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I modded the bottom inside wall.  A few guild members had the boss randomly target the walls when switching aggro.  I don't have any idea why it did that, but this seems to have resolved the issue.

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since moltanica is a bit of a pain to obtain... have you tried running it without molt? say with pd, cupid, santa, vlad, druid, and aries/sm or something else?

Posted on 6/2/15 12:18:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just ran this base twice exactly as it is in the pics - FAIL both times,

PD lvl 180 9/9 3/5 revite 1/5 LD 87I
Cupid lvl 180 9/9 5/5 revite 1/5 Slow 86I
Drac lvl 177 9/9 3/5 WG 3/5 Sprint 90I
Druid lvl lvl 178 6/9 5/5 BW 1/5 Slow 86I
Santa lvl 171 8/9 3/5 WG 2/5 BW 90I
SM lvl 173 7/9 4/5 WG 1/5 Slow 86I

tried Destroyer on 2nd round instead of SM 
Destro lvl 153 6/9 3/5 Zerk 1/5 BW 86I

I was running Arrow towers with only what i was lvling in them for garrisons so two towers didn't have anything in them

I do not know why but I can not get R on farm i don't understand how people with lower everything are able to do it and my heroes cant. got smashed both times on R5

i have beaten R but i can never get more then 3 wins in a row then its like 7 losses.

also i dont have molt either.

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Posted on 6/2/15 12:48:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Your problem is that you did NOT use the base exactly as it is.   Garrisonned magic towers do help in the first 2-3 waves at least,  if not more.   On top of that,  you're using a different hero setup.   I have no idea what your building levels or hero base levels are either.   Additionally,  to reliably farm Hbm R+ you must have the "dream" team.   It's actually arguable that hbm R is the only one anyone can truly farm with 95% success rate in the game's current version.  Now, I've had guildies beat hbm S even without the dream team,  but they can't farm R regularly.   It doesn't matter which base you use,  ideal heroes and lucky spawns play a huge factor.

And to defend that I firmly believe this is still the best base for hbm II, I've had a guild mate who didn't reliably farm Hbm Q, even beat S.  He can solidly farm Q now.  That's the definition of progress...the only change being that adaptation of using this base.

Now if you've got questions or need suggestions,  PM me with detailed information about your heroes and building levels and I'll offer you my opinion.

Posted on 6/2/15 1:10:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

nice base. looks efficient on HBM II too

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Posted on 6/2/15 6:19:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Chris now that you have vlad have you tried using him with my base design?

Posted on 6/2/15 6:42:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Great base!

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Posted on 6/2/15 8:03:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I must concede that this base is great for everything up to hbm R....great.  However, S and T are a different animal.  Molt procs and self destruct enemy heroes seem to sometimes knock walls down and can lead to a fail in pathing correctly. It is still best up until that point, bar none imo.  

For S+, it appears that an empty corner base is probably best to avoid Molts proc on walls but he can still sometimes clear your hero base cluster with ease (usually your last buildings standing).  Seems unfarmable at this stage in the game.