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you better watch out for instant karma, he will try to claim all those basses were his fist lol true story watch out for him

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Great thread man.....Need more tests to base your results. 

But keep up the good work.:ninja:

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Grats on the sticky....   you deserve this with all the work you put into it... hope it helps future clashers....

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I'm unpredictable and I get bored very easily, sorry about that. So, maybe laters, áters, in my own time and manner, ok? xD

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Any player willing to share their lower town hall version of this bases are welcome.

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this is awesome stuff, for some reason I couldn't view warmachine's base, but i've been currently using yours and doing some minor modifications, it's taken down Q more easily than cordi's so that's a plus, it's nice to have your heroes alive after hbm :) hen

as for R, i think once i get my main 6 to 9/9 skill and all lvl3+ crest sets, and 95 inscriptions, it wouldn't matter, but currently, would not mind farming R if there were a base that allowed me to do so, i don't have santa, so not really sure if that's going to be a huge issue

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Looking for someone to test this base with Molt and Santa (assuming yours are at least 9*, 8/9)... Have not failed R with it yet (created yesterday). Other details are in the thread for what I used, as well as possible tweaks.

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OK, this is my contribution to this thread, hope it helps.

My base is basically Darren's variation of INSTANTKARMA base,

And here is hero statistics and placement. The arrow tower level is at 9/10, gold vault at Lv20. 

And here is the results I got so far, will update more as more tries are available.

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Okay so I tried out war machine's base all day today and while I never suffered a loss I'm not convinced it's really all that good. My heroes are PD 9/9, Cupid 9/9, Vlad 8/9, Druid 7/9, Santa 7/9 and Molt 7/9... all 180/90i and every single building is 20. The weaknesses I observed with this base are ground heroes jumping outside WAY too early. I had to move Santa way down to the bottom point to keep him under control and PD in the middle was running all around the outside walls left and right. The other issue is AC came scarily close to going off at least 1/5 waves every time... something that never ever happened with the other base I was using (Darren's base). Also the top of the base leaves your heroes wide open and if you don't have a powerful team (I do, fortunately) you will be crushed with this base.

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Can't edit the original post, here is the update runs: