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I am starting to see more of a shift to gold or mana vaults in main base instead of the towers.....  I have never really looked, but do the gold vaults have more hitpoints then a nongarrisonned arrow tower?  Towers don't do anything (I only use arrows no garrisons) so I am wondering if maybe I should switch them out for a higher hit point building that way heros can do more damage and buildings are less likely to die....

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Almost beat S5. Had my 6 heroes alive. They annihilated the weaklings hehe, but the big molt finish them off after his second proc. Just couldnt deal significant damage. I can tell i need a 9/9 duke and cupid plus what ever else to beat this dragon. I bet scatter would help alot since his normal attacks were no problem to take. his proc on the other hand was brutal. All thanks to war-machines base!

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Anyone having success with any of this bases? If so which one?

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Last night, first try in a loooong time on S.  No Santa, subbed in Pixie.  No garrisons.  PD 5/5 Revive, 3/5 Life Drain.  And a ton of Scatter.

War Machines base 1 for 1 on S.

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As this persists....I'm getting rather annoyed with the inconsistencies.  You have one picture of the layout of my base next to the results, and then an entirely different one when you show the building layouts.  If you're going to test particular bases, please be respectful enough to test them as they were designed and intended by their creators.

I know for me, I was looking forward to this because I expected fun competition amongst many well known, proven bases.  However, it appears that these bases aren't getting tested as they were designed.  Anyone farming R content, knows you use garrisoned magic towers (minus full 9/9 teams)....not ungarrisonned arrow towers.  Secondly, you are keen to announce one major problem and subsequent failures with farming Q+....AC procs.  Yet, you are running these attempts with Santa and never once mention a failed attempt due to a bad santa proc leading to a wave timeout.  This is rather interesting.  You must be incredibly lucky, or not including these failures in the results.  

Adding in S results makes for skewed testing as well when trying to say which base is "best."  As anyone who's tried to beat S regularly, knows that molt procs can clear your hero bases, and self destruct heroes and molt procs can randomly destroy walls (ruining pathing). In the games current state, regardless of heroes, our building and wall levels aren't equipped to handle the inscribed enemy heroes of hbm II.  Even the top players will confirm that you must get lucky with wave spawns and not get caught with low energy on your heroes at the beginning of spawns to be successful.  

Stick to actual farmable content for accurate results, and please use the bases as they were built by those whose names are attached to them.  If not, please note YOUR* modifications and inform people that it is not the original base.  I find this rather important, considering with my setup used as intended I have only lost HBM R twice since I released the final version (42-2 or 95.2%).  My results and your results are incredibly different, hence my frustration.  

I will wholeheartedly inform anyone that my base is not good for HBM S+ as the layered walls are more susceptible to enemy molt procs and self destruct than a traditional corner base.  However, I still stand by my base yielding the best HBM R and below results....the only truly farmable content right now. Granted Warmachines base is the best base for beating HBM S that I've used, other than MikeQ's. But you probably don't know about his yet and InstantKarma will assuredly claim that base too once it goes public.

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More HBM R tries and done testing this base. Santa proc helps a lot, but occasionally he is the cause of loss. This base held up back spawn pretty well.  Also, the hero position may change the outcome a bit, but haven't been tested, can't say much about that. The hero traps help, but not very efficient. Since those 3 buildings (1 gold vault/2 arrow towers) inside the wall are down, enemy heroes won't walk deep enough to get in the traps. Current heroes need higher inscription to increase the win rate. Overall 80% win rate, not bad, not great. Will test next base.

Posted on 6/7/15 4:43:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

guide is finish. hope it helps you discover your future base. all bases have being link to the creator so check it out for more input.

Posted on 6/7/15 5:13:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Apparently my original version had enough walls to recreate Warmachines back entrance.  Feel free to give it a try beings you found more success with his back entrance than mine.  I'll be testing it out myself.  So far so good though. 2-0.  

Posted on 6/7/15 8:39:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

TOWN HALL 16 OF WAR-MACHINES BASE. I have being able to beat Q with ease on this base. This base is on my smurf. All heroes 150-170 5/9-7/9. heroes have lame talents.