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[Chat (Android)] New Base Idea Beat N

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Posted on 6/6/15 9:19:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I decided I would try another design I was thinking about. The only problem was and still is, not enough walls and probably to many buildings inside. I was able to beat N once and got to O3. I only had 2 runs available. So I can not say if I can farm M or N, but I am pretty sure I can still farm L. I had 3 heroes at wave 5, lost PD at the very end but Vlad and Immortep survived along with an arrow tower. All other buildings did not last except a few hero bases.

I usually do not run PD because he just cant make it with my current setup and replace him with the Ork. This time I had him in there and forgot to switch him out. He actually saved my tail on the last 2 waves as he proc'd several times and vlad/immortep ate through the mobs like butter. Druid died on the 3rd wave, I had him on the outside instead of in the middle.

Main weakness is the 4 corners and hero proc'n. Pathing works great but some mobs/heroes can and will eat through the corners. 2-3 more TH levels and hero base levels heroes should survive on through to the last wave. How the hero placement is, you can add a 6th hero base in the middle.

I am sure with a bit of tweaking this could be a great base. Having alot of bases is a real issue. TG proc'n can be disturbing. Tossing in Ork over PD could remedy that some. Adding 6th hero base would be a large advantage.

Heroes Used

133 7* PD 7/9, 5/5 zerk, 1/5 revive  70 ins           
120 6* Druid 4/9, 5/5 sprint, 1/5 Flame 60 ins 
140 7* Santa 5/9, 2/5 HB, 1/5 Flame 80 ins
140 7* Immortep 5/9, 3/5 zerk,  1/5 sprint 80 ins
140 7* Vlad 4/9, 5/5 enlighten, 1/5 zerk 80 ins 

Will switch out ork or Minotaur with pd and see what happens when I can. Freezing most of the mobs at one time sounds killer and could be a great advantage as a 6th hero.

130 7* Ork 4/9, 5/5 Slow,  1/5 Tenacity 70 ins (I have 1/5 wargod on my Minotour may try it out on ork)
116 6* Minotour 4/9, 3/5 Tenacity, 1/5 wargod, 44 ins
Overhead view


Posted on 6/6/15 9:28:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Forgot to add

TH 16
Hero Bases 13/12 (working on getting 6th hero base or they would be higher)
Arrow and Magic towers are lvl 6. (See above)

Other buildings in the base are 15 to 16 and one 14 gold vault.

Also adding one TH level may alleviate some of the crashing through the walls by making the outer wall 1 more space away from the inner wall.