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[Chat (Android)] Another Base - TH24

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Posted on 7/22/15 4:55:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey all, just thought I'd share my latest base - This originated based on one of the side bases (I don't remember exactly which), but has been changed significantly. This base is for TH24, and works with max hero base (range 20) so no heroes will jump outside.. Apart from the entrance, heroes will jump out there, but that doesn't seem to cause any problems.

I currently run S (~70%, hence why I haven't used farm). This has given similar results to War-Machine's base when I used that (slightly higher in fact, but could be down to luck/leveling up heroes/skills/buildings). But it certainly works to a similar level..

It's probably worth me saying that if you do use this, then the statue placement on the edge is vital - it forces enemies to go further round edges, stopping heroes jumping out.

Also worth noting hero placement, especially for S. Fliers have to be at the back. PD front mid. Molt back mid - to ensure he engages big molt on S5 wherever he spawns.

Building levels are:
5 Hero bases @ 21, 1 hero base (pd) @ 25
5 Magic towers @ 11, 1 magic tower @ 14

Heroes I'm using are:
Druid 100i 8/10 SS 8/8, berserk 4/5
PD 100i 9/10 revit 5/5, revive 4/5
Vlad 92i 7/10 WG 5/5, bulwark 4/5
Santa 92i 9/10 revive 5/5, tenacity 4/5
Molt 93i 10/10 revive 5/5, ld 4/5
Cupid 92i 9/10 revit 5/5, revive 2/5

Posted on 7/22/15 5:12:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Looks good! And thanks for the tip about the statues, might integrate that on my base.

BTW: I am no where near trying out your base, but I'm just adding this comment, so I can find your base when my TH reaches level 24.

Mino is F2P: 
Posted on 7/22/15 7:18:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Have you tried t at all with this base

Posted on 7/22/15 7:30:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would think you should be able to eliminate one entire row at the top as I have a similar base, running only 4 full walls thick with the half wall at the very top. The enemy never tries to break through the walls. If so, you could definitely do some crazy pathing at the entrance with the extra walls...

Edit: Though I do have 2 entrances at the bottom, not just one but I don't think that would matter...

Posted on 7/22/15 9:59:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice.  That is very very similar to what I use and posted.  That set up works good for me also.  I use corner again so I can farm r with dupes.  But I'll go back and forth once dupes are where I want them

In game name is rdannar.  
Posted on 7/22/15 1:17:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Base isn't original. Def would not say it "has been changed significantly" from other side bases.

Besides, results aren't impressive. I use a side base to farm S with much greater success than you, with TH 20.