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[Guides] A Guide to Hero Attributes

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Posted on 12/2/15 9:08:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

A new button has been added to the Hero page this update. Tap it to view the new Hero attributes and check if your Hero is blessed by an Artifact.

To access: Heroes Altar > Tap any Hero > Tap the button on the bottom-left of the Hero.

Hero Attribute Interface

① The artifact that’s blessing the Hero and its effect.
② Tap “Proceed” to access the Artifacts interface where you can manage artifacts and reassign Heroes to be blessed.
③ There are a total of five new attributes for Heroes which will be explained in detail below.
④ Tap the arrow to return to the previous interface.

The New Attributes
The five new attributes in this update are Accuracy(ACC), Dodge, Critical Hit(CRIT), Critical Damage(CRIT DMG), and Critical Resist (CRIT Resist).

Note: All Heroes have some Accuracy by default. The other attributes will be unlocked later on along with new features. (Each Hero has a different Accuracy value. Accuracy is increased each time the Hero evolves.)

1) Accuracy: Increases the hit rate of basic attacks and skills
Hit Rate =[1+(ACC/10,000)]*100%
If you’re attacking a target with Dodge, Actual Hit Rate = Hit Rate - Target’s Dodge rate.
For example, if the Hit Rate of Druid is 110% and the target has a Dodge rate of 30%, the actual Hit Rate of Druid when he attacks the target is 80%.

2) Dodge: Increases the chance of dodging attacks
Dodge rate= (Dodge/10,000)*100%

Note: When Dodge activates, your Heroes can avoid getting hit by basic attacks, skills, and even some conditions.
Dodge is effective against basic attacks, Hero skills, Stun, Fear, Silence, decreases in MOV SPD and ATK SPD, Energy reduction, increases in incoming DMG, boost removal, and Guild Boss instant kills.
Dodge will not work against deflected damage (such as the talents Flame Guard and Blade Shell, or Hero skills), conditions inflicted by the talents Corrode, Heaven’s Wrath, and Condemnation, damage and conditions inflicted by Traps and Defensive buildings, Energy reduction from the talent Scatter, or damage and conditions caused by Spells.

3)Critical Hit: Increases the chance of dealing a critical hit. Heroes with higher CRIT have a higher chance to deal critical hits.

4)Critical Damage: Increases the amount of damage dealt in a critical hit. Heroes with higher CRIT DMG deal higher damage when they do a critical hit.

5)Critical Resist: Reduces the chance of taking a critical hit. Heroes with higher CRIT Resist have a lower chance of taking critical hits.

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Posted on 12/2/15 9:13:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ahh yes thanks!

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Thx Eva!

Posted on 12/2/15 9:18:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I still dont understand what "silence" is.  Something like aries calamity?

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"All Heroes have some Accuracy by default. The other attributes will be unlocked later on along with new features."

So is the "dodge" attribute active or not?  The dodge attribute value is showing as "zero" for all heroes, and the above statement implies that only accuracy is unlocked, but I see a lot of effort being spent explaining it.

Posted on 12/2/15 10:56:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

thank you! :)

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Posted on 12/7/15 11:29:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This maybe not really new info, but maybe it can be included in the guide. CRIT also works for procs. I equip only my SB with crit artifacts just to test this, and when he procs there are multiple crit figures (yellow font) appeared one after another. Definitely not by other heroes because I purposely set different artifact on them.

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Posted on 12/7/15 12:47:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


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Posted on 12/20/15 8:52:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The default dodge is zero.  Multiplying that by an artifact buff, as indicated in the formulas I've seen, will again result in zero. Yet heroes are already being "missed".  Indeed, what is the meaning of accuracy, which clearly varies among heros, if the enemy has no chance to dodge.  So, there must be dodge already operating, even if the default attribute is zero.  Please Explain. What is dodge in the current release, and how do the artifacts affect it?

Posted on 12/22/15 11:51:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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