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[Guides] 100% Lava Isle 3 without Arctica, Grim or any debuffer(with Unicorn pet)!

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Posted on 7/27/16 6:45:09 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

As of 25/10/2016, after testing more than 30 runs & introducing Pets in the following setup, there seems to be no more hiccups, no more accidents, no more scary finish in any lava Isle 3 attempts. Good luck people :)

Ok, here is how we are doing Lava Isle 3 for a little more than last 1 month. The following setup let us win almost 100% runs. Well the "almost" part remains until there is some protection against deflect damage. We failed 1 run in last 10 days because my evo 200 PK died thrice in the beginning of the run :| So keep in mind that mishaps even if rare may happen.

The idea of sharing this is to enable more people without rare heroes do the runs with some time & effort. So hope sooner or later more teams can grow, lessen discord inside guilds due to inability of taking part in LI3 & increase chances to do public runs like Mesa.

The heroes are:

Ghoulem, PD, Cupid(better if revite 5), Grizzly Reaper, Santa Boom, Treantaur, Aries(better revite 5 & 8/10 or more), PK(must), SK

Minimum Skill Levels:

Ghoulem: 8/10
PK: 7/10
Tree: 8/10
PD: 9/10
Cupid: 9/10

Others can be anywhere from 5/10 or above.

Pets (21.10.2016):

All can be used except Unicorn on only Spot 1(This is a must, not optional). Owls(Aviar) must be use by all 4 participants.


  1. All heroes must be evo 160+, Ghoulem more than 180 & 8/10 or more.
  2. At spot 1, Ghoulem needs to be 9/10 minimum.
  3. All needs to have "Revive" crests, except, at spot 4 Ghoulem needs "Revite"(you may swap & try), at spot 2 & spot 4 Pumpkin needs "Revite" crests(if don't have Talent)
  4. All needs Victors Emblem artifact, except 1 in each team needs Eye of Garuda. Don't give Garuda to PK. Pumpkin needs to have Blitz.
  5. Almost all heroes, except SK can be swapped between places & spot 1 can't have Pumpkin or Tree.
  6. Better to target reaching 10k power for each team to taste least failures. We ourselves were not even fit for Lava Isle 2 runs. Then we started preparing for Lava Isle 3. It took almost 1 month. But when we started it was just awesome.

*NOTE*:  Since I never ran in one, I am not sure how Arctica teams do perform, but with this you can actually get 100% success rate if you can rule out the rare(extremely rare) death of a necessary hero just before proccing or from out of the blue agro as pure accidents. Those incidents get near absent when the 4 person team improves their individual heroes, almost as we saw when we started Mesa at low might.

UPDATE 08/09/2016: From my observations through the newer teams in my guild, if you feel like the corner heroes dying too fast from Vlad/BT/CC proc, put Revite crests on both Spot 2 & Spot 4 Ghoulems(at least Revite 3 crest set). It will definitely solve that issue.

The setup was almost entirely copied from what my old guild buddies, Gaztop, mcahn, miseq & Gangnan bro ran. But it is adjusted according to our needs.

I will answer any question regarding this & will try to modify the content if I find anything relevant.

Why no Garuda on PK?

Ans: Because there is a chance that you may still win the run if 1 PK dies & 4 heroes with Garuda survives.

Why no more than 1 Unicorn Pet?

Ans: Because Unicorn, same as any debuffer like Grim, Pixie or Arc, will let your heroes kill the East Demon too fast. Your teams will split & some will go to North Demon, which in this case will not be almost dead, & it will most likely proc & kill a few heroes. With a little lack of favour from luck, runs will fail frequently. If the Unicorn is in Spot 1, it doesn't stop the East Demon from proccing once, giving our heroes enough time to almost/fully kill the North Demon from afar.

Videos of our runs (14.09.2016):

We had good success with 1 5/5 revite val in place of 1 Cupid, we used it at "Spot 4"

A different team in my guild running successfully with unevolved SK (22.09.2016)

Images of our teams on day 2 or 3 after we started:

**IGN: Hima84, Guild: tuuksiit, Playing since: July 2015, Might: 120k(27.06.16), First Evo: 28.02.16, First Devo(5 at a time): 12.06.2016, Sweeping: 6-10(28.11.16), HBM AC, All Artifacts unlocked(12.04.2016)**

**Line ID: drhimadri **

**Take 2 minutes before posting & convert PNG screenshots to JPG/JPEG**
Posted on 7/27/16 6:51:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

SnT = Santa?

Also: Aries + PK keep the demon from porccing? Or do you have additional scatter on the reapers?

Edit: no Ice Demon?

Mino is F2P: 
Posted on 7/27/16 7:03:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks.  Good stuff!

Visualize Whirled Peas
Posted on 7/27/16 7:05:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've seen other people say one on every team should use garuda, but you're the first I've seen say that's sufficient to run Lava 3 without debuffers.  Your post makes it sound like most other ones I've seen have vastly overestimated the importance of heroes like arctica/ice demon here.

Also, it was very interesting that I saw no Valentina.  A lot of Lava 3 threads/post assume or insist upon her, and my recollection is all of them said she MUST be level 5/5 revite.  Yet you skip her entirely.  

It's really interesting to read how much various guides vary from each other, especially when many if not most will say that such and such is needed ... and then you look at the next guide and it isn't.

It's actually pretty confusing and makes me wonder what to prioritize sometimes and what to point guildies toward.

Posted on 7/27/16 7:17:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

What about Spirit Mage instead of Grizzly Reaper?

Will he work too?

Posted on 7/27/16 7:25:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Does scatter make much difference in Lava 3?  I just got a 5/8 scatter for my molt and jumped it up to 8/8 right away.  I'm wondering if she would be useful in any of the positions ... or is there no point?

I recall seeing someone say Molt is fine if you don't have arctica, but I'm not completely clear on the reasoning and wonder what others might think about that idea.

Posted on 7/27/16 7:32:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Why no garuda on PK?

Posted on 7/27/16 7:35:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm making separate posts on some of these questions so the reading is less confusing for people who come after.

The question for this post:  Why shouldn't garuda be on PK?  

I've just started developing PK a few days ago and never used him yet, so I'm a PK noob.  Kind of a garuda noob too; only used it in Boss 5.

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Posted on 7/27/16 7:59:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

awesome achievement...
it also highlights that randomly joining lava isle 3 is next to impossible to coordinate...
you need to do it with strong guild members...!

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