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[Suggestion] Quick Setup / Favorite List

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Posted on 11/1/17 3:46:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Over the past several months other members and myself have consistently asked for time management features.  The most popular of which was to have saved team setups for each game mode.

This means a complete team equipt with Crests, Pets & Artifacts.
The idea was that we would be able to click on teams that we have already setup based on our normal gameplay, much like Wretched Gorge, where we are able to setup (3) complete base / hero setups(minus the ability to change crests/artifacts/pets between teams).  This would eliminate the time required to change heroes, crests, pets and artifacts when moving from one feature to the other, as there would be teams that we would have predesigned and would only need to select the team desired and go straight into action.

What we received was a "Quick Setup".
This does not address the issues we are having, because we are still forced to go into the Artifacts Hall or Pet Plaza and remove heroes off an Artifact or Pet to make space for the hero we want to use them on.  

One of the first and biggest problems is that there are not enough slots available to accomodate all the heroes in either the Artifacts Hall or Pet Plaza.  Granted only one of each can be used at a time, but obviously we do have the need to switch the artifacts, pets & crests on heroes for different game modes.  Which is why limiting pets to be able to assist only 1 hero, or allowing a hero to be placed under one artifact in the hall is a major problem in streamlining the process of transitioning from one game mode to another.

I will guess that the average mid ranged player uses approximately 20 heroes regularly between all the game modes, so there should be at least this many slots available on every artifact and pet so that the members can equip all the heroes they are using on a regular basis

Next there needs to be a method where we can preset different teams, with different crest, pets, and artifacts.
(1) Raiding
(2) GuildWars
(4) Lava
(4) Infernal Summit
(4) Castle Crisis
(4) Labyrinth

I'm sure I forgot some but this gives you the general idea of what we are asking for.  With the preset teams you have now created a one click process to transition from one game mode to the next.  Granted there will be exception, however with the above as our basic selection I doubt that there will be many.  This type of setup will make transitioning from one game mode to the next almost effortless, and would prevent loss of interest in playing the various features because of the time it takes to swap crests, pets & artifacts to setup the teams.

Moving on to the Favorite List.  I hate to say that this is an epic fail, the reason members were requesting something similiar to this is to make it easy to select a team for modes such as expedition.  If clicking on the favorite list would actually place those heroes in the slot for the team to use, it would be some benefit.  It does save a little time in selecting them only because we don't have to scroll through the hero list to find them, but not much.

Members were also expecting something that would allow us to list the heroes in the order which we would like to drop them.  For features such as GuildWars, Castle Crisis and Boss this would save a lot of time and even improve chance of success by limiting errors like clicking the wrong hero in the wrong order.  The list as presented really offers no time saving or any other benefit to the members.

I invite all the members to chime in with whatever you feel I have excluded or misrepresented, so that there is a clear understanding of exactly what was and is still being requested.


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Posted on 11/1/17 4:27:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes please and thanks for taking the time to write all of this there a waaaaay too many attacments for heroes and game modes where one hero needs set up one way for this mode and another for that.

Posted on 11/1/17 4:47:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

"Members were also expecting something that would allow us to list the heroes in the order which we would like to drop them."
+1 for that, I don't get why it's not done yet... it would be so much better if we could decide the order

Posted on 11/1/17 5:05:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree. The feature what we wanted is now what IGG gave us, it can be approved, as as FL said, its easier to make pre-set teams rather than what the feature has given us

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Posted on 11/1/17 5:28:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Full support, excellent representation of what "hero select team" should be

Posted on 11/1/17 6:24:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

definitely yes..

crest, pets, artifacts are a huge part of the game now..and can mean the difference between losing and winning.

quick setup does help..even if in the slightest bit.

also, i think everyone is crying out for a multi team dungeon/lava setup like Wretched Gorge.

Posted on 11/1/17 7:22:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree with all modes mentioned except GW.  I like that guild wars requires contant monitoring and tweaking of setup throughout the event.  GW should be more strategic and require more action and reaction than some of the other game modes.  Be ready, make changes as needed, pay attention.  
Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I like GW and don't want to make it take less time.

Posted on 11/1/17 7:37:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


By far the most important thing we need is more artifact slots. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you could have used one or two more heroes in certain artifact.
Extra few slots would help a lot

Posted on 11/1/17 7:41:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Preach. I know we have talked about this a lot and think it's only relevant. The game keeps expanding with new modes and must haves for each of them. And many don't want to spend dozens of hours trying to change everything all the time, thus many neglect various modes like LR, others WG, etc. It's getting to be too time consuming and they need solutions.

Posted on 11/1/17 8:04:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Now this is how to write a suggestion!

I am currently not adjusting my pets/artifacts/crests, because it is too much micromanagement.   I know what I want, it is just too annoying to constantly switch so I go with sub-optimal setup.    Would love to see this happen.

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