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[Suggestion] Quick Setup / Favorite List

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Agreed, the pets and artifacts is a must have in the game. When they didn't add that, it's almost as if they forgot about high players XD. Anyway, the separate team set ups really need to be added. With lava 4 coming in, and all the different set ups in lava 4 and 3, we need to be able to change teams with ease. Hope it gets added, nice post!

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The lack of a feature to save teams and help with time management was one of the reasons I initially quit CC.  My main account was loaded with so many specialist heroes, crests, pets, and had different setups for different game modes that I got fed up with managing it and will likely never look at it again. Not just PvE, but switching from full GW defense setup to GW attack to full FF to LB (and then back to lava and IS etc) went from being fun to something more like 'work'.  Sure you can avoid changing anything, but if you like to do well, it's needed on end-game accounts.

I almost can't believe they still haven't sorted it out.  Just need a way to save a "compete setup" (covering crests, artifacts, pets, heros) for the different game modes would be huge.

Saying that, the lack of such a feature doesn't affect smaller accounts so I can understand IGG ignoring it and focusing on making money elsewhere.  My current account is happily doing mesa 4 and doesn't need to change anything for these modes....

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Well, as per ed901's post, if they allowed multiple setups, similar to the way you can have multiple base setups, which stored crests, pets, and artifact layouts in their entirety... it wouldn't need any change to pets or artifacts, at all.

Since each setup would be using the same basic system that is already there and would simply swap one setup for another setup, like changing from base layout 1 to base layout 3, no changes to the rest would be needed.

I would just hope they would give us more than three slots. At least five would be needed, I think, to make it workable. Seven or more would be best, though.

One for GW, one or two for Lava (I have two setups I generally use, depending on the team I'm with), one for normal usage, one or two for WG/IS, one for B5, and then the ArchDemons... but considering the time between those, having setup slots for just that seems a tad excessive.

Five would be workable, I think. Seven would be better, though.

Yeah, that seems like the simplest solution, to me. No severe changes to the system, just storing multiple hero setups and allowing you to swap between them at will.

It's the best of both worlds, I think. You use what's already there, you get an easy way to change your setups fast, and it should likely take much less code changes than a more elaborate system.

Edit for clarification: I am referring to a more generic setup system, here, which would cover every game mode, rather than one where each game mode would have its own setups.

Ok, sure.


Move along, please.
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Every week without this feature is another week I get tired of the game... who has time to change setup for Archdemon, LBF, GW, Lava4, IS, FF, Labyrinth, etc, over and over?
Now imagine if you have multiple accounts, I play on 6 and it's insane... would like to continue but reaching the breaking point.

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Hope we will see this on December...

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Bump, and...

I agree on everything said in the FirstLady topic.
I just add that: team setup will soon become indispensable because every month a new hero will be added, maybe even some new pet, probably other gamemode catch-gems, so the confusion that is already there is going to increase exponentially.
if team setup will not be simplified, we will have a single consequence: "frustration" - new players who will not understand any of the overly complex gaming strategies to change every time - even older players who for a team setup mistake will see their heroes (paid many times) destroyed by teams seemingly less powerful but better set.
I love strategy games, I love complexity, I love the fun I like from CC, I love spending money for a game that deserves my support but ... I love to live more real life and I do not like being forced to use hours of my day to make boring settings whenever I change game mode.