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[Off-Topic] Which 19.99 to get? Which hero best to aim for?

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Posted on 2/27/18 9:15:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys! I got 26 and change google survey bucks to blow and I don't know what to get. 

There are tons of different 19.99 CC packs. 

Is there a better one you have seen that I should wait for?

I was really hoping to see one with 2 prime hero II cards in it. 

I really want to 3 star an insane dungeon so which hero would be best to aim for? 

So far I have only cleared insane 1-1 and 1-4 and my newest hero is dracax and then just got the old ones before SK and Candy. 

Here are some of the 19.99 and less packs. The current one going on for another 3 hours is pretty temping looking xD (top one) 

 Packs are numbered 1-9 so if there is a certain thing you've seen that you think is best. 

Or if I should wait for X X X X let me know what it is! 

Or if you have seen one better to wait for let me know! :D 

Thanks for the advice! 

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Posted on 2/27/18 10:14:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The longer you hold off the better IMO.  Packs with great heroes get cheaper every month before long Walla will only cost $20, maybe.  It's hard to choose what deal to buy when lots of decent items are offered. But out of all those the Walla pack looks good, but you'd have to spend another $20 to get the other 100 stones, if it's offered again. He's a definite game changer in all modes.

Posted on 2/27/18 10:17:15 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Prime 2 was $50, now I see it sometimes as 3 for $50.   In other words, it dropped a lot already and you are not gonna see 2x in $20 for a while.

1) All prime 2 heroes are decent, besides Revenant.   Mike, Walla, Anubis, GS would be "win"; HB, Ronin, TT, LN, Rocky are "did OK", Revenenat, Mech, Creation are "better luck next time".  Good luck on talent chest.

2) TT is key lava 4 hero, and good otherwise, but not the best in Prime 2.   Skins... meh.  

3) Walla is one of the best, but it is only half.   If you plan to spend for another half anytime soon, good pick

4) Naaah.   Revenant is meh, SK is good hero, but your other picks are better.

5) Meh.   Again, half a hero, and Arctica is not much use since Sasquatch

6) LN is OK.  Not the best hero w/o WG and being maxed.

7) Anubis is superstar, but you only get 1/4.

8) Depends on how much you need SlowDown talent.  It is a good talent for some heroes, but they are not most mainstream heroes.   SD crest is better.

9) I like HB, not a fan of mechtessa.   She is average at best.   Still, getting 2 heroes for that $20 makes it a decent value.

So, what to get really depends on what you have, which you didn't mention - so you get a mediocre advice due to that.

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There’s an enormous range of NERF blasters available, though, and the line-up changes regularly. Certain large retailers even have exclusives that you won’t even find out about unless you shop around cleanmaster.