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[News] Castle Clash Update on Apr 17 (Android) [Version 1.4.2]

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now it's been weaker than ever skelly

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Before I say anything else I would like to clarify that I'm spending some money on this game montly - i'm not close to a donor whale tho-.
As far as I can see with this new patch the gap between P2P and F2P players will grow. In big amounts. 
And SKINS now come into more serious action other than their cosmetic value.
Well I do still LOVE my Death Metal Aries, double talented or not. 
The latest skins released (with latest I mean the ones released the last 3 months) actually do make already a difference with their passive attributes.
So some suggestions overall for skins section:
1)Revamp the older skins. Adjust the old skins to the level that the game has reached now.
2)Make skins for every character starting from the latest ones to the oldest, BUT don't ignore the old poor guys pls. Actually I'm sure IGG plansd to release new skins already, I'm just mentioning as a suggestion.
3)Make skins shards more "easily" obtainable through other means f.e. Shards, Gems and etc.
Thanks a lot for your time reading this!

For more info you can find us @LineID:zeolites_thanassis & WeGamersID:CY73225
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Warning has been issued  Warning

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After update on my first roll I obtained storm eater.
Any inscription suggestions are welcome.
I tested storm eater @none evolved lvl 117 against expert 7-10 Dungeon boss and it took him 9 normal hits to kill boss the tornado he uses is fun but his main damage comes with hist normal atack 12% of oponent hp will be slashed away eatch hit

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This is more or less a ramble on some of the things I dislike about the current state of CC

It would be appreciated if instead of adding new ways to powercreep all the time you would build on the older modes. Guild boss 5 is not even a challenge so I would very much like a guild boss 6 instead of you buffing the rage goblin every so often with invisible patches.

Torch Battle rewards are laughably low in these modern days of the game and desperately needs a buff so that it would be worth doing it, and also adding the option to choose the time of day for the torch battle akin to FF with three or so options because as it is now, only really American players are able to join. It is nighttime throughout Europe so players like us would be insane to stay up long into the night only to get a couple hundred shards and honor badges when we can daily do the arid ruins for 10x better rewards.

Soulstones are a neat idea with poor optimization and you can not say with a straight face that arid ruins is a reliable way to get them. You would have to raid the ruins daily for two years to maybe get one of the heroes from there. And in those two years it would take to maybe get one hero they would be outdated by all the new op heroes being released monthly now. Now if there were hero skin pieces mixed in there, hells yes it would be awesome. 

I apologize for not having any money to pay for these nice new tools like skins n stuff so I'm stuck as a F2P with a far lower status compared to the paying customers. But I do hope you listen to this and look into changing some of these things