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[Media] CC poem Youtube Video and Prezi!

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Posted on 6/12/18 1:19:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys! These are both posted under the poem event! But I know some people might not check under the events for posts so I am posting here as well!

Here is my Castle Clash poem entry! I made it into a Prezi presentation... I thought it wouldn't take that long... lol... I was wrong.... I made a lot of custom photos with my awesome Microsoft Paint skills. >.> 

Anyway, if you'd take some time to check out the Prezi presentation that would be sweet! If you don't know what a Prezi is you should really at least take a quick look since it might help you with a future project at work or in school. You can use the arrows to skip a head. If you load it and the sound isn't working, try pushing the button to load the older player, the sound should work then :D 

I also made a YouTube video since I already had all the pictures made. 

Prezi link:

YouTube link:

If you want to comment under my event entry I am #92 on the 10th page, here is a link! 

Event link:
Or feel free to comment under this one as well :D


Hi, my name is Trevor :3
Posted on 6/12/18 8:11:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice Poem, but Pro Trip. Don't share your entries in the event until the event is over and the winner's list is declared. there is a chance that your entry may be plagiarised by other people.

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