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[Chat (Android)] Talents - Feedback

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Posted on 8/2/18 2:44:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Over the past several months we have had (8) new talents introduced.  Some of which are compliments to older talents, while others actually have assured the retirment of some. Share your experience and opinions on the usage of the following talents.

Dec. 14th 

Mar. 13th
*Brute Force

May 15th
*Iron Will

July 17th
*Sacred Light
*Unholy pact

~What affect (if any) have these new talent had on the older ones?
~Which will be the most popular?
~Which are least desirable?
~Where would you apply them & how?  (Hero/Crest/Artifact/Pet/Traits) 
~What are the disadvantage of using any of the above *talent


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Posted on 8/2/18 6:20:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My take (and I don't have most of them, so it is not first hand experience).

Empower - good as talent and crest.   Several heroes (PD, Athene) consider it top tier for them, others can benefit from having it as a crest

Sharpen - meh.   Probably only great on HB as talent.

Feint - Sort of WG ish.  Not sure combination works.  WG is all about going all offensive, so it is not usually put on heroes that get attacked a lot, which is what dodge is for.

Brute Force - generally another WG clone, trading lower percentage for bonus crit damage.   Good on heroes that have high rate of attack.

Iron Will - WG, except that you trade increase for duration of the fight for protection during start of it.   Generally that means Mino, and probably not anyone else.

Regenerate - supposedly OP on PD.   Also I heard of some builds where regenerate and LD crests make effective defensive/offensive combination.

Sacred Light - only slightly less protection than SS combined with good HP boost make this great tank talent and makes SS obsolete.  Except that SL is now in $100 pack and SS is in $10 pack.

Unholly Pact - all offense, and probably WG clone of choice for anyone who wants WG.  In particular, great on offensive Dove build, since she doesn't suffer from 20% damage taken.

Now, onto questions.

~What affect (if any) have these new talent had on the older ones?

Primarily several WG replacements as talents.   And if your hero was always unhappy that WG talent and WG crest don't stack, now he can double down.

~Which will be the most popular?

SL is a clear winner, IMO.   

~Which are least desirable?

Not sure...   probably Sharpen.

~Where would you apply them & how?  (Hero/Crest/Artifact/Pet/Traits) 

Well, everything is a combination, and replaceable elements like crests, artifacts and pets are dependent on non-replaceable one and on modes.   E.g, Lava vs GW vs AD would require different builds or at least different crests   

A little too extensive a subject to cover, especially w/o personal experience.

~What are the disadvantage of using any of the above crests.

Not sure why crests; rest of topic is more focused on talents.   But, IW disadvantage is obvious for long lasting heroes.   UP is risky on low HP heroes; while they get increased offense, taking increased damage can kill hero fast, and dead hero doesn't have much offence.  :)

Anyone who feels like I am completely wrong, or has actual experience, feel free to contradict me.   A lot of what I wrote is theory or second hand info.

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Posted on 8/3/18 2:54:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Rusty's post cover most of the stuff... as with talents and crests, is hard to say which is better or not regarding other, since it depends heavily on the hero using it, the hero build (enchantments and traits) and the crests that complement the talent. 

For example, I think Feint may, just may be a good talent on a full dodge Phantom King, on lightning rock. Set him next to CK and he may be actually unhitable. 

Regarding One of the coments about Iron will, I have one crest set, and it shines on guild wars on my revite 5 doggo. Why? Because lot's of stun and wayfliers are a pest that make a hero unable to proc. When doggo revives, he can proc for sure and do his thing which is to clean troops. Is all about the situation. Now with crests being able to get to level 7, you have more flexibility

Sharpen is a bit understimated. Is a great talent with builds with lots of crit chance. IT may help a good tessa, with skill 11, and some crit chance traits to get to 100% crit chance, that's doubling each hit damage. Give her also a SD7 crest and she may actually hit 3 times in a single attack which is quite OP imo.

I'd advice you to test all the talents FL and see how they fix your game style

Posted on 8/5/18 12:58:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Iron Will is most useful as a crest. The two main reasons for this are:

1. Its primary purpose and appeal - immunity to Stun, Fear and Energy reduction for at least 10s - is available at all levels. This ties it with Revive as one of the best level 1 talents in the game.

2. It's amazing in some game modes and pretty ordinary in others. Sometimes you'll want it and other times not - perfect for a crest that can be swapped in and out.

For example, I can slap Iron Will crests on Pumpkin Duke and friends when attempting to 3-flame Insane Dungeons, which is likely where this talent makes the most difference. I can then swap them out when I'm finished.

Like Revitalize, it's not great for all modes. Wherever Revitalize shines, Iron Will most likely does too.