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[Guides] Merits: where to find them

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Merits are another currency inside Castle Clash, that gained again importance after the release of Wardens and the Faction system.
Until now, Merits were used to level up the Artifacts and after max them, you could use the extra Merits to purchase items on Warehouse

After the removal of Artifacts, players have gotten around 200K Merits in return and now is turn for level up the Wardens, which costs a lot more than the Artifacts. So, it's a good time to review all game modes and events that could provide you an income of this currency. 
Of course, since last update, Castle Clash Bazaar offers huge amounts of Merits on packs (from 350K on the cheaper pack to 1.5M on the expensive one, for example), but let's try to focus for a moment on the F2P way of life in the game.

Game modes:
*Expedition: based on your might you will earnd Honor Badges and Merits on this game mode. The top of the rewards are 9000 HB and 240 Merits per Expedition from around 260K might. If you are near that might or above, you could get 2400 Merits per day by playing the 10 Expeditions (at 100%).
*Team Dungeons: each chest from the Team Dungeons will give you Merits, no matter their rarity. Mesa 4 chests gives 250 Merits. Lava 3, 400 Merits. Lava 4, 450 Merits.
*Ember Army: this mini-game inside Castle Crisis rewards the players with Merits, based on the damage you can do. 
*Guild Boss 4 & 5: you can get 2K and 3K Merits respectively from those Bosses, if you can do max damage to them. 
*Fortress Feud: you could get Merit Pack II from Fortress Feud's chests. 

Events:  amount tof Merits rewarded will vary depending on the event. 
*Fountain Fortuna
*Friendly Wheel
*Pirate Booty
*Arid Ruins
*The Quarry
*Hero Collector
*Training Log (only for new players).
*Uncover the Treasure
*As rewards from other Events related with Gems purchase.

And not exactly an event or a game mode, but Salary also adds some Merits to player's account every monday, based on the Events played by your guild and your performance on them. 

Type of Merit boxes:
Merit Pack I: 1K
Merit Pack II: 5k
Merit Pack III: 20K

***If you think I've missed any other source of Merits or that should be added another event that awards this resource, feel free to comment. And this way we can work together to keep this thread updated for everyone looking for Merits in game.***

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Thanks for that :). Many ppl will know how, from where they can get merits, since new Warden system require a lots of them.

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Bump. So many people can know this.

When you roll 50K gem for a paladin.
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Arid Runes also gives merits.

Personal note: While this is a great thread to help players level Wardens, the amount of merits received from any listed above will take quite a while to get to level 48 (minus the Birthrocks). Would be great for IGG to re-evaluate rewards from ALL game modes in the near future.

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