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[News] Castle Clash Update on September 18 (WP/WS) [Version 1.5.2]

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The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 9:00 pm (server time: GMT-5) on Sep 18 about 2 hours. Players will get a total of 300 Gems after the maintenance.

1. New Archdemon variant.
2. New Destiny area. ([Frozen Wilds]: Orksbane, Arctica, Pumpkin Duke, Trixie Treat, Ma Hatma, Ice Demon, Atlanticore)
3. Two new Talents, with corresponding Crests and Insignias. (Vital Boon, Sunder)
4. Two new Skins: “Sea Witch” (for Cirrina), and “Great Tengu” (for Storm Eater).
5. New Hero: Rowdy Rascals
Hero Skill: All-out Mischief
Skill Description:
Slingshot Captain inflicts Petrify on nearby enemy targets in an area for Xs and deals X% ATK DMG to them. (Cooldown Xs. Has fast Energy recovery.) When attacked, Slingshot Captain has a X% chance to summon either a Shield Rascal or a Blade Rascal for Xs. (Cooldown: Xs.) When Shield Rascal is summoned, Slingshot Captain reflects X% of all incoming damage for Xs and restores HP equal to X% of Shield Rascal's ATK. When Blade Rascal is summoned, Slingshot Captain's ATK increases by X% for Xs.

1. Tutorial improvements.
2. Faction feature improvements.
   1) Faction feature interface adjustments
   2) Condition for Warden Skill activation changed to: If majority of the deployed Heroes belong to the same Faction, their Faction’s Warden will appear during battle and unleash its skill.
   3) New Talent effect for Wardens: Lv 5 Revitalize.
   4) Adjustments to deal with Might loss when claiming Merits for the removal of Artifacts. After adjustment: the Might will be deducted when the Wardens’ Watch is built instead.
   5) Increased the amount of Might gained when building the Wardens’ Watch, activating Wardens, and raising Warden levels.
   6) Fixed the issue where player Heroes will not have a frame to indicate their Factions in Squad Showdown when the player has not unlocked Factions.
   7) Adjusted daily reward interface for Forgotten Trial.
   8) New Warden achievements.
3. Raised the maximum number of Red Crystals, Blue Crystals, and Merits that can be held. (Red Crystals: 5 million, Blue Crystals: 50 million, Merits: 5 million)
4. Crest upgrading improvements. (Improved Crest inlays, Crests can now be combined and converted in bulk, and Insignias can be upgraded in bulk.)
5. Insignia pack display adjustments. (Fixed display issue of Insignia rewards in packs and on the Events page.)
6. Fixed the issue where the Summer Chill Out hot air balloon appears in battle report videos. (Battle reports will no longer display event buildings that appear at the edge of the base, such as the Summer Chill Out hot air balloon, the Quest Board, and the Friendly Wheel.)
7. Fixed the issue where players could not make up for daily sign-ins when the amount of Gems on the account is the same as the amount required to make up for the sign in.
8. Fixed the conflict between Lavanica’s skill and the Iron Will Talent.
9. The Silence icon caused by the Enchantment, Silencing Shot, will no longer appear on buildings.
10. Increased maximum slots in the Heroes Altar by 1. (Max 95 slots)
11. Increased maximum slots in the Warehouse by 10. (Max 330 slots)

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What does wp/ws mean?

i am definitely a p2p player
or not
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Why no update in windows store?

SharkTooth - Windows Server.
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I literally created this forum account just for this:

Sort of kidding (Begrudgingly ( or grudgingly))

Thanks for the good work, even if everyone doesn't agree with the updates you guys have recently implemented, I (a newb) appreciate devs that care nonetheless.

Seriously, keep up the good work. Loving something to do after work. Even if the wife hates it :D ( Just kidding IGG, She'll come around.)