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[Chat (Android)] Warden's Revision Feedback

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Posted on 9/18/18 9:41:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

We all know that the Wardens system was not received very well, which is pretty understandable especially in the wake of the demise of the Artifacts system.  However IGG listened to your previous feedback and made some alterations to the system.  So please take the time to review these changes and provide your feedback yet again to help tweak this system to optimal performance.

*Do you fully understand the system and how it works?
*Do you have questions you feel IGG should address?
*What do you think of the system overall?
*What adjustments (if any) would you like to see in future update?


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Posted on 9/18/18 7:23:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Weply full of Wusty Weliable Wisdom:

*Do you fully understand the system and how it works?

I think so, but then I am pretty sure there are details I am not aware of.   It is a sign of wisdom to never think that you know everything there is to know.   :)

*Do you have questions you feel IGG should address?

Nope.   It is much clearer now, and there is only so much game companies are willing to explain about game mechanics.

*What do you think of the system overall?

I liked it before and I like it more now.   That said, there are couple things I would've done differently, although I doubt that my suggestions are universally agreed on by player base.

*What adjustments (if any) would you like to see in future update?

I am not a fan of FT.   Its difficulty ramps up too much around 20, and some levels are pretty much dependent on having a very specific hero.   In particular, I seen AC and Triton mentioned.    I also don't like that you run it once and then that is all.   It is not much of a mode with single run.

I would like to have warden tiebreaker so that teams that have 2-2-1 or 2-2-2 or 4-4-2 have (random among ties for 1st place) warden always show up.   That said, FT line group is pretty adamant that the way to use AC in some levels is to have a tie, so that warden does not show up.   Tiebreaker would break this strategy.

Some of my suggestions from last months still apply.   In particular, I seen people make good case that green (Oracle/Prophet) faction is weaker than red or yellow one and there should be some rebalancing.   

As well, costs are still quite high, in terms of both merits and rocks.   I very much don't want to have equality between F2P and P2P, but some more resources in game would be good.   Or reduce cost of leveling (which of course, would annoy people who already leveled)

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Posted on 9/21/18 1:27:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Green warden = too overpowered
Red warden = essentially useless

Very unbalanced now. And even more random (which heroes warden target) determine the fight.

Also 2400 birth rocks for level 47 and 48?
Total 19000 birth rocks to max a faction.

U get 20 a day as a f2p if that. About 10 years to max all three as f2p.

Posted on 9/22/18 1:37:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

*Do you fully understand the system and how it works?
After reading the descriptions I thought I did. Then I played the game and saw my team with the supposed advantage die quickly anyway. Also after this current update, there are now inconsistencies in how mechanics work with no actual explanation. I also cannot see what is happening in battle after warden procs so I don’t know what is happening underneath.

*Do you have questions you feel IGG should address?
How fast can you remove wardens and reimplement artifacts with actual changes people wanted?
How are you going to compensate players for making them suffer through wardens?

*What do you think of the system overall?
Worst and most unnecessary addition to the game. I wouldn’t dream of spending any money until this system is COMPLETELY removed.

*What adjustments (if any) would you like to see in future update?
COMPLETE REMOVAL of wardens with artifacts reinstated, enough currency to bring artifacts to max, Ability to save setups per game mode or much improved user interface to allow easy switching (including pets)

Posted on 9/22/18 10:00:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Above comments already stated it all. Also, I really really hate this rock paper scissors game with wardens. Why couldn't it be like artifacts. Plain and simple.

Posted on 9/22/18 11:23:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes I am now able to understand warden effects and also brought some changes in the Hero's that I deploy accordingly to enhance the effects

Posted on 9/23/18 1:35:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1) I do fully understand the system and how it works.

2) Why were Artifacts removed, and why were Wardens implemented in the first place.

3) Overall, I think Wardens have the potential to be immersive and interesting, but not right at this moment.  We simply do not have the resources to successfully raise Wardens unless we either pay money or had a ton of merits banked.  For many players, the lost off Artifacts, and the inability to raise Wardens has weakened our accounts.

4) Adjustments:
A) Make merits and FT stones more accessible.

B) Scale the difficulty of FT.  The difficulty goes from easy, to manageable, to impossible too much too quickly.

C) Remove the rock/paper/scissor element (Subdue).  Like Artifacts, Wardens should be used to either cover for deficiencies in a team or hugely improve strengths in a team.  CC avoided the Rock Paper Scissors game for years once troops got phased out.  I don’t think bringing it back is necessary.

D) Remove the link to Destiny.  We should be able to use Wardens how we see fit.  Allow players to add whatever heroes they want to each Warden, so we aren’t pigeon holed into using specific heroes.  This whole game revolves around using heroes, and especially newer players simply don’t have a lot of options.

E) Return Artifacts.  Considering we have Talents, Crests, Inscriptions, Equipment, Augments, Traits, Destiny, Wardens... what’s one more right?  I think if Artifacts returned, a lot of the complaining will die down.

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Posted on 9/23/18 8:11:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. I think I understand how wardens work
2. No questions to IGG since they wouldnt answer anyway.
3. I think wardens are ok but they dominate the gameplay too much at least now with the revite 5/5
and subdue. Its hard to actually see now whats happening at start of battles because of the warden animations and its hard to track how subdue affects the fights.
4. As adjustments probably take the revite away, remove subdue completely and buff wardens blessing. Or just remove this mess and bring artifacts back like everybody is asking :D I don't know what actually prevents the from bringing them back other than some people saying that they wont come back?

Posted on 9/23/18 6:57:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Sometimes when you are trying to create the proper team that you want, the wardens do not allow you because you will not get their skill activated. Some battles require certain heroes and the wardens make it difficult to do. Please bring in a tie breaker or allow us to choose a warden out of the 2 opposing wardens in order for us to still get a warden effect. It would be like the artifacts were never gone, well almost