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[News] FB Special Event: [#Clashgiving - Phase 1]

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Posted on 11/7/18 10:56:34 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Enter for a chance to win Rowdy Rascals, Great Tengu Scrap, and Princess Bride Scrap!!!
Thanksgiving is coming and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all your  and the contribution of this community. Therefore, we've prepared a series of giveaways to celebrate this month of #Clashgiving!

Phase 1: Nov 7st - Nov 12th

How to enter: 
Send us a footage/message of love/wish/suggestions/questions…etc. 
You can record a video that is less than 15 seconds and send it directly to with the title #Clashgiving Event.
Write it on paper/digital note and post it below, choose either method and be sure to include your IGG ID number and Platform in the email or comment.

Giveaway Items:
Each participant who submits a video will get 1,500 Gems. Each participant who submits a message will get 800 Gems. Each participant may only receive up to 1,500 Gems in this event.
The creators whose videos/notes get featured in our final video will win the hero Rowdy Rascals + 50 Great Tengu Scraps.
The video will go live on the Thanksgiving Day Nov 22nd along with our Phase 2 event and even more rewards.

Follow this format: IGG ID + Platform + Your note's photo and comment.
Limit one entry per player.
By attending this event, you will allow IGG to download, edit, and use any submissions for social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) posting purposes. 
Please make sure you have the copyright or right to share for all content contained within your video. IGG is not responsible for any copytight or trademark violations that may be caused as a result of your final video. 
IGG and the Castle Clash team reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event, its entries, rules, and rewards. 
Event Deadline: 11/12 12:00 PM PST