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[Suggestion] Rewards - Feedback

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Maybe between friendlist can send soul stone to other friend,no problem if only limited 5-10 soul stone,thanks

Posted on 2/13/19 12:00:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

all great suggestions and ideas.
I particularly like the concept of bazaar coupons as it builds on existing concepts.
I believe items like event coins, bazaar coupons, zenith stones etc or basically all that is considered as latest p2p stuff should be obtainable by ring drop chances in the existing game modes.
I consider the drop chances to be very rare or basically non existent in the first month. rare in month 2-3 and normal from month 6 onwards.
This connected to some kind of measure of game play activity perhaps.
I sincerely believe that a setback of about 6 month is reasonable. After that, it should be possible to effectively max 1 hero out within a certain timespan.
Playing the game should at least result in some kind of good progress or grinding.
Igg did a pretty good job so far. Unfortunately i feel that recent updates do not sufficiently adress the current game speed.
Maybe the level of game achievements, time played, might, etc could be used into a drop chance variable so that the different account levels get appropriate rewards.
Basically playing should be beneficial to your account. I believe this is sub-par at the moment.
This happened before and I felt that igg reacted quite appropriate within a timespan of 3 updates maximum till now. I do hope analogue actions will occur now again.
It would certainly be of merit to the whole player base and return joy to playing activity. To be honest, I feel this is at the all time low or even pointless at the moment.
Every now and then a good boost is necessary for all accounts, if you catch my drift.

Posted on 2/15/19 7:37:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Adjustments to resource rewards

Lost Realm - Merchant

    red crystal chests and boxes available for purchase with gold
    igniting and zenith stones available for purchase with gems
    provide rare crests not currently available in lost realm for purchase with gold
    provide fine crests not currently available in list realm for purchase with gems
    provide insignias for purchase with gems


    No adjustment

Hero Trials

    Increase the drop rate for red runes. How much? Hard to say since I've never hit on this one. Either make it pure P2P and let the community know they're only available for purchase and remove from rewards or increase the drop rate. It's a little difficult to give a real opinion on this one. Maybe every 100 successful L9 attempts should drop a red rune.

Guild War

    This drives guild and community participation. I spend on the game and in all honestly fame has been devalued. A small purchase gives what feels like a years worth of fame. I really think the rewards in fame and honor badges should be doubled or tripled. Even a pure free to play will be behind pay to play as they should, but this divide is huge.


    It's been suggested to provide igniting stones and zenith stones in the quarry. This would not be a bad idea. How much? Not sure.


    Increase merit rewards by at least double. Traits, Wardens, Warehouse use up a lot of merits.

Insane Dungeons, Forgotten Trials

    No need to adjust. These modes, like HBM, are for bragging rights and self satisfaction. I'd say increase birth rock drop rate, but I'm actually okay with warden levels being more difficult to attain.

Fortress Feud

    I'll be honest. I don't care about this mode. This is for active guilds that like group activities. Maybe add red runes, zenith stones, and igniting stones to possible rewards.

Guild Boss Battle

    Don't care about guild boss. For those that do doubling rewards would make it more worthwhile.

Okay, the reason I joined the forum...

Infernal Summit, Labyrinth, and Breakthrough

    I've run in ISV groups and I've spent plenty of time grinding in Labyrinth expedning gems to get as far as possible, all for zentith stones and igniting stones. Both drop rate amounts are extremely low. I would suggest that the drop rates be increased so that a player that puts time in on Infernal Summit IV consistently, and always defeats an average of 25 goblins per Labyrinth season be able to receive enough resources to complete breakthrough for a hero in a months time. Those choosing to spend can still have a large advantage to those that stay free to play in breakthrough. The current drop rate seems to put the time to complete breakthrough at about 2 years.

IGG, in my opinion, has done a very good job in creating new events that give game resources that in the past were just not available to free to play. Many changes have allowed beginning players to get up to speed quicker so as not to feel they're up against an insurmountable task. The bazaar packaging has been a very welcome change from the past system of purchase and chance. Casual spenders can make purchases and know what they're getting. I know that IGG will probably, as with other resources available for purchase, reduce the price of igniting stones, zenith stones, and red runes, but for the free to play, unless the rewareds are adjusted I feel it creates an impass between the F2P and P2P community. I've always felt that in game purchases shoudl be a means to progress accounts faster rather than give some advantage that cannot be surpassed without purchases. Dragons have always been the special pay only, for the most part, part of the game with minimal exception.

I normally only read these forums, but after my experience with labyrinth and infernal summit IV resource rewards I decided I wanted to respond in both this forum and also directly to IGG support, which I've already done.