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[News] Castle Clash Maintenance on Mar 14th (Android) [Version 1.5.4]

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Hopefully the adjusted guild war and fortress feud rewards are shockingly better. If so, than theres still hope... Because we love this game, but nothing is really worth doing anymore. A high percentage of players I know have retired

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Could we have the new updated version of cc please? When l go to playstore to update. I just site there waiting for nothing. The update does not seam to work. I went to a samsung shop and their tech department couldn't get it to work either.

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Why on earth ALWAYS gw day???????????????

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2. Adjusted Quest Board rewards for completing a number of quests and for completing quests within the time-limit.
3. Adjusted rewards for Guild Wars.
4. Adjusted rewards for Fortress Feud.
5. Adjusted rewards for forging Crests."

Think these are very nice & most needed (if adjusted correctly)

"1. Increased the maximum Breakthrough Lv by 10. (Level cap raised from Lv 20 to Lv 30). Apex Crystals can be obtained through free events from time to time. "

if these can only be used to upgrade lvl 21-30, no f2p will ever get to use them unless zenith & igniting stones become more available.

seems to be a new era for heroes (first hero to be immune to petrify? & freeze) and I like the main direction of the update.

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This thread has been banned.

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Think of it another way to your advantage. If you start gw and hit a good might, nice pointer, don't use last 2 and you can hit them again after the update. So there is an advantage and what's 4 hours unless your a sado and have nothing better to do with your life. Every update day, theres always someone that has to moan

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Why, despite continuous feedback, do igg persist in doing updates on gws days? There is no logic to it.

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Wow lot of new on this update..
but Commodora skin still not available.