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[Guides] CC Official Drop Rates-Enchantments and Traits (for Equipment)

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Posted on 6/12/19 1:39:27 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Drop Rates for Changing Enchantments with Gems
Enchantment LvDrop Rate
Lv1 Enchantment55.87%
Lv2 Enchantment27.98%
Lv3 Enchantment10.03%
Lv4 Enchantment4.47%
Lv5 Enchantment1.66%
Drop Rates for Changing Traits with Gems
Trait LvDrop Rate
Lv1 Trait0.00%
Lv2 Trait30.39%
Lv3 Trait26.14%
Lv4 Trait23.86%
Lv5 Trait19.61%

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