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[Guides] CC Official Drop Rates-Prime Bags

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Posted on 6/12/19 4:16:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

ItemReward PoolQuantityDrop Rate
Prime Bag ISea Witch Scrap1013.00%
Great Tengu Scrap1013.00%
Rowdy Rascals Soulstone515.00%
Rowdy Rascals Soulstone205.00%
Lv3 Vital Boon Insignia114.00%
Lv4 Vital Boon Insignia19.00%
Lv5 Vital Boon14.00%
Lv3 Sunder Insignia114.00%
Lv4 Sunder Insignia19.00%
Lv5 Sunder14.00%
Reward PoolQuantityDrop Rate
Prime Bag IIRaygun Hopper Scrap1016.00%
Supernova Scrap109.00%
Bogeyman Soulstone516.00%
Bogeyman Soulstone205.00%
Lv3 Survival Insignia116.00%
Lv4 Survival Insignia19.00%
Lv5 Survival Insignia14.00%
Reapster (Pet)1016.00%
Reapster (Pet)309.00%
Reward PoolQuantityDrop Rate
Prime Bag IIICyborg Slayer Scrap1016.50%
Grandma Wolf Scrap1016.50%
Commodora Soulstone516.50%
Commodora Soulstone206.00%
Lv3 Nimble Insignia116.50%
Lv4 Nimble Insignia111.00%
Lv5 Nimble16.00%
Lv9 Talent Rune111.00%
Reward Pool
Drop Rate
Prime Bag IVSnow Troupe Scrap1011.00%
Two-Faced Scrap1011.00%
Lazulix Soulstone511.50%
Lazulix Soulstone203.50%
Lv3 Brawler's Favor Insignia111.00%
Lv4 Brawler's Favor Insignia16.50%
Lv5 Brawler's Favor13.50%
Lv3 Oracle's Favor Insignia111.00%
Lv4 Oracle's Favor Insignia16.50%
Lv5 Oracle's Favor13.50%
Lv3 Saint's Favor Insignia111.00%
Lv4 Saint's Favor Insignia16.50%
Lv5 Saint's Favor13.50%
Reward PoolQuantityDrop Rate
Prime Bag VFire Wood Scrap1024.00%
Shock and Awe Scrap1014.00%
Plant Warrior Soulstone521.00%
Plant Warrior Soulstone208.00%
Lv4 Wicked Armor Insignia120.00%
Lv5 Wicked Armor18.00%
Lv6 Wicked Armor Insignia15.00%
Reward PoolQuantityDrop Rate
Prime Bag VISpirit of Light Scrap1014.00%
Cosmo Soulstone515.00%
Cosmo Soulstone205.00%
Draconic Scrap - Heroes Altar2515.00%
Draconic Scrap - Army Camp2512.00%
Draconic Scrap - Relic Hall2515.00%
Draconic Scrap - Wall2512.00%
Draconic Scrap - Hero Base2512.00%
Reward PoolQuantityDrop Rate
Prime Bag VIIAide to the Fallen Scrap1011.00%
Steampunk Pirate Scrap1011.00%
Draconic Scrap - Gold Mine2513.00%
Draconic Scrap - Mana Mill2513.00%
Draconic Scrap - Gold Vault2513.00%
Draconic Scrap - Mana Vault2513.00%
Draconic Scrap - Warehouse2513.00%
Draconic Scrap - Pet Plaza2513.00%
Reward PoolQuantityDrop Rate
Prime Bag VIIISvalinn Soulstone527.00%
Svalinn Soulstone208.00%
Shiny Knight Scrap1025.00%
Lv4 Vigorous Fury Insignia125.00%
Lv6 Vigorous Fury Insignia115.00%

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