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[Suggestion] Rewards and packs

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Posted on 9/26/19 1:49:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Rewards for the different game modes are just ridiculously low. its almost to the point where it doesn't matter if you play them or not. Squad showdown, lost battlefield, castle crisis are the main ones that I speak of.
As for the pack complaints... I don't wanna complain about the pack choices that igg provides but maybe a way to convert all those items that we buy that we don't need into something that we can use would be a good idea.... For instance I have 9300 mastery essence 3 that convert to 6000 hero shards each but I have no use for the 6 million shards I already have. Level 5 talent chest and fine enchantment chests are another one I have almost 14000 combined of those too but they don't sell for anything I use anymore. The blue crystal were good earlier in the game but I have all my crests upgraded on every hero already so I don't use them much. Maybe just some way to convert resources that we all ready have opened (not in our items) like blue to red crystals since red are still in high demand at least for now could possibly solve this issue a little bit. I buy lots of those castle chests packs and I'm getting tons of stuff I don't need. I only need the red crystals fame experience tomes and the igniting stones.
My only complaint about the packs really is since the update there's no apex crystals for sale maybe adding them to the castle chests could be a good idea?

Posted on 9/26/19 2:20:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree that the rewards should be revamped across the board, I am also in agreement with a conversion system, both of these are suggestions which I have submitted multiple times in the past.

However you might get a bit more attention if you put some effort into an illustration of what you think would be a good conversion system.  Even then I guarantee that many will disagree, as everyone is at different levels and desirous of different items.

In regards to the excess resources which you have, I can only say P2p woes, this is a situation which a lot of us can only imagine.  Most players don't have all hero inscriptions maxed so blue crystals are still a very sought after and valuable resource.

Regarding the packs, IGG is the one that composes those and not every pack will appeal to every player at every level.  Your complaint about the absence of Apex Crystals reinforces that comment, you are in search of them, while some might not care about their absence.  

Imho opinion the best solution and most needed suggestion(s) made are the revamping of rewards across the board which is inclusive of all the resources required and a comprehensive conversion program that allows us to trade up those resources for other resources which we need.  I'm with you....Good Luck!


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Posted on 9/26/19 4:53:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Irony abounds. Lol.

What you have in spades, some would kill for in small portions.

This game seems to "reward" those who spend, and keep on spending. What you described, like what Firstlady mentioned is what my wife would call, "rich people problems." Lol.

I dont mean to belittle your concerns btw. Im sure they are very valid. I dont spend nearly as much on the game as you do, so do forgive me for not being totally empathic.

The BIGGEST issue in this game atm, that Im sure affects a majority of Clashers, is the ubsurd & outdated reward systems. Grinding in game for "enough" resources to level up a handful of Heroes, for example, would take, several 100 years...with the current reward systems. It doesnt take much of a genuis to notice this.

I cant imagine, that the people working in IGG, are so clueless about their own product. This feels, in all honesty, like a deliberate neglect of the game's valued client base - both the p2ps & f2p communities.
They obviously have an end-game in mind, and we are mere pawns toward that end.

I dont mind spending what I can on the game, cause I still find aspects of the game enjoyable (less than 25% of it). But it would be great for someone at IGG HQs to explain to us in no uncertain terms, what game they are playing.

Its certainly not the same one we play.


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