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[Suggestion] We need a carpenter.

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A new hero who shields and repairs buildings during battle.
Blitz gauntlet would be his best use, for those who use doom baloon with zephrica. it would counter doom baloon so they cant just sit there and win even tho they didnt kill any heroes and lost all their heroes cept zephrica and doom baloon.

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doom balloon zephy is old as zephy is easy to kill these days even with stealth

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I don't like to limit the choices on how the users play the game. If you have strongest heroes, try to attack without base attack, but only to kill the enemy's heroes. But leave the choices for others. I usually dont use base attack in guild war even against the top players, but sometime I fund it's fun to play differently...

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Every game need many different ways of winning. If there is only one way to win those who will not know how to do it will be angry, and will be angry and eventually will stop playing. This is not what we want. Different ways of winning will allow ppl to pick their own strategy and adjust it according to their needs. Therefore i doubt this will happen.

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The fridge