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[News] December 2019 Update FAQ

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Q: Are there any updates to gameplay?
A: We've added a tower defense feature [Line of Defense] in this update. The event rules are as follows:
1. The event lasts for 12 days. It is available in three difficulties. Although there is no limit to the number of times you can enter the Stages, you can only claim the rewards for each Stage once per day. Unclaimed rewards will be retained, but not accumulated for the same Stage.
2. You can select up to 10 different Heroes to enter the Stage each time. You can't select the same Hero more than once, nor can you change your Heroes during the battle.
3. Every player will start with an initial HP amount. The monsters will enter the Stage via the Start Portal and move towards the End Portal. Some HP will be deducted from you for every monster that reaches the End Portal successfully.
Q: Are there any adjustments to existing rewards?
A: 1. Heroes Trials rewards
2. Castle Crisis rewards
We are constantly adjusting our game to bring you a better gaming experience!
Q: What features are optimized?
A: 1. Optimized Lostland (which includes: 1. Difficulty Option UI; 2. Portal Effects; and 3. Monster Display)
2. Optimized upgrade method for Breakthrough levels
Your feedback matters. We will constantly strive to improve our game to deliver a game that you truly enjoy.

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Is there any new hero. And bt level increase or not

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Please introduce more base defense options guys. Our base is the most central thing in our game development. Help us create better ways to defend it now with full bt30, destiny level 80 teams.

You are on the right track by the way so keep at it please. Thanks.

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Team Dungeon/Team Here be Monster.
Need to improve its feature where we can make a room and set a might that we want to join it... bcz low might with weak heroes often join it and the result just failure...

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I love the new Lostland Game mode, what is the main purpose of that game mode if all p2p have all the reward in their warehouse? no p2p will play that event and not just that even if p2p plays it its really hard for them to complete it, why did u put zephy and dove not even taking any damages ? and how an f2p complete all stage? if f2p cant complete it they have all the best? right? Please make some adjustment and make it more fun to play. have  a nice clashing day. have fun guys.


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Thanks for info☺⭐✌