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[Guides] Introduction to Narcia: War Era

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1. What is "Narcia: War Era"?
Narcia is the main continent in the world of Castle Clash. ""Narcia: War Era"" is a seasonal game mode focused on team strategy, in which guild members work together.
2. Joining the Event
Go to the [Guild Events] page and scroll to the end to access [Narcia: War Era].
3. Registration Period
Register within 60 hours of when the event opens.
4. Conditions to Participate
- Guild Leader/vice leader must register.
- There must be at least 5 total registrants from the guild
Matchmaking for your guild will only proceed if the above two conditions are met. If either of these condtions is not met, your guild will not be able to participate in the current Season.
5. Selecting Heroes to Deploy
- After registration, each player may select up to 30 Heroes per season. (No duplicate Heroes allowed.)
- You cannot change your Hero selections after the Season starts.
- Your Heroes' existing attributes and development apply in this event.
6. Matchmaking Procedure
- Matchmaking is based on participating guilds' Might and guild members' Contribution.
7. Season Duration
- In each Season, you can battle for 14 days.
- Once time is up, every battle will cease and every participant will leave the event map.
- A 13-day cooldown will begin at the end of each Season. The event is closed during this cooldown, but players may view the leaderboards and collect their rewards.
8. Guild Fortress
When you enter ""Narcia: War Era"", you will see your guild's base (Guild Fortress) at the center of your view. Each guild will start with one base; members of the same guild will share this base and make their first deployments from it.
9. Forming Teams
- Your teams will be displayed on the right side of the interface. Each player can form up to 3 teams to deploy. Each team may hold up to 6 Heroes. If your team is empty, select [Form Team] to choose your Heroes to deploy.
- In the [Form team] interface, you can add or remove Heroes to the team, and restore their Hero Strength. (Only teams that are [Garrisoned in a Town] can be edited.)
- The camera will move to the location of whichever team you select. Coordinates of the team's current position will appear above the Form Team button.
10. Team Statuses
- Garrisoning a Town
- Marching
- In battle
- One or more Heroes in the team have 0 Strength
- Garrisoning a Resource Tile
- Returning
11. Hero Strength
- In this event, each Hero has a ""Strength"" attribute. Each Hero starts with 100 Strength.
- Each Hero's Strength bar is shown in your team list.
- Deployment, Marches, Garrisoning, and battles will lower Hero Strength.
- Hero Strength affects the Hero's HP and ATK in battle. The Hero goes into battle with less HP and ATK if their Hero Strength is reduced.
- A Hero becomes [Fatigued] when their Hero Strength is reduced to 0. Fatigued Heroes cannot restore Strength nor be used for battles. They must wait 10 minutes for the Fatigue effect to be removed.
12. Restoring Strength
Spend [Food] to restore your Hero's Strength. You can restore each Hero's Strength individually or all at once.
13. Tiles
- The map displays the Guild Fortress, Small Towns, Large Towns, Imperial Castle, and 3 types of Resource Tiles. The Guild Fortress appears on the outer boundaries of the map. Towns are distributed along the middle of the map, leading inwards, and the Imperial Castle stands at the center of the map.
- Resource Tiles produce resources. High-level Resource Tiles that produce more resources can be found closer to the center of the map.
- The Guild Fortress is your Guild's spawn point, and cannot be attacked.
- Small Towns and Large Towns provide bonuses to your army, and serve as your stronghold as you advance towards the central region.
- The Imperial Castle is your main and final target to occupy.
14. Resources
- There are 4 types of new resources that are attributed to different tiles.
- Your resources are displayed at the top of the main screen. The left values indicate the amount of resources you currently hold, and the right values indicate your storage capacity. The + icon at the top indicates your hourly resource production.
15. Tile Actions
- An action menu will pop up whenever you select a Tile.
- Information on the left (from top to bottom): Occupying Guild, Garrison Might, Tile's resource production.
- Information at the center: Tile's Region, Tile Name, Tile Coordinates, Tile Durability, and Durability restoration rate of adjacent Tiles.
- Buttons on the right (from top to bottom): Save Coordinates, Attack (Garrison), Level Up, Share, Info, Abandon Tile (only the Guild Leader or Vice Leader may perform the Abandon Tile action).
16. Tile Ownership
- Tiles occupied by your guild are outlined in blue.
- Tiles occupied by enemies are outlined in red.
17. Attacking Tiles
- Every Tile has an NPC [Imperial Army] by default. A player can deploy a team to attack them. The attack must be launched from an adjacent Tile.
- No attack will occur if your guild does not own a Tile adjacent to the target Tile.
18. Marching
- Marching time is determined by the distance to be covered. The further the distance, the longer it will take to march to the destination.
- Hero Strength is required to march.
- The maximum marching range is 40 tiles.
- 1 Hero Strength is required to launch an attack, therefore you must ensure that the Hero has at least 1 Hero Strength at the end of a march.
- Heroes cannot enter battles while marching.
19. Tile Types
- Resource Tiles are only occupied by Imperial Troops, and can be occupied once they are defeated.
- Town Tiles are occupied by Elite Guards and Imperial Troops. You must first defeat the Elite Guards, then defeat the Imperial Troops to decrease the Town's Durability. A Town is captured when its Durability is reduced to 0. A Town must be attacked several times before it can be captured, therefore every player in the Guild must work together to attack the same town. You can garrison your units in occupied Towns and use them as a stronghold to further expand your territory.
- Tiles have a Durability value that recovers over time.
20. Protection Mode
- Protection Mode is activated when a Tile is occupied. Resource Tiles will be protected for approximately 10 minutes, while Towns are protected for several hours. Protected tiles cannot be attacked.
- Protected Tiles and Towns are indicated by a special animation.
21. Thumbnail
- The thumbnail is located on the top right corner. Tap the thumbnail to enter the [Map]. The Map consists of 9 regions. Each region contains a Large Town (denoted by a white dot). The Imperial Castle is at the center of the map. On the map, you can search the location by entering the coordinates and tap any space to go to that location.
- The blue triangle denotes the position of your Guild Fortress. The red droplet indicates your current location. The dots denote the Small Towns and Large Towns: red dots are towns occupied by the enemy while white dots are unoccupied towns.
22. Rankings and Leaderboards
- Solo Rankings: Earn Solo Points when you consume Hero Strength to battle, or successfully occupy tiles. You also earn Solo Points when you donate resources to raise the Town’s level.
- Guild Rankings: Guild Points are calculated daily at 00:00 server time. Guild Points are awarded according to the quantity and levels of tiles your guild occupies. Participating guild members will each receive a Glorious Chest every day.
- Imperial Castle Rankings: A guild's Imperial Castle Score will increase after it successfully occupies the Imperial Castle, and will be based on the time occupied. At the end of the event, the guild with the highest Imperial Castle Score wins.
23. Battle Reports
- Personal Battle Reports show information of battles engaged by your own teams.
- Guild Battle Reports are produced when your guild attacks or withdraws from tiles.
- Video playback is currently not available in this event.
- You can save up to 10 of each type Battle Report.
24. Guild Tasks
- The Guild Tasks will refresh every Season. There are X tasks in total. Every Guild member taking part in the event can claim the corresponding rewards when a Task is complete.
- Each Task is available for a limited time. Once a Task expires, you cannot attempt it during the current Season.
25. Upgrading Towns
- The Guild Fortress, Small Towns, and Large Towns can be upgraded through donating [Ore].
- The Town will level up once it receives the required amount of [Ore]. An upgraded Town grants improved bonuses to your troops. If an upgraded Town is captured by an enemy guild, ownership of the Town will be transferred with all upgrades intact.
26. Early-Phase Focus
- Plan a route towards nearby Small Towns and occupy them to quickly raise your resource storage capacity and max number of tiles your Guild can occupy. Then upgrade the Town to improve its bonuses.
- Use the Small Towns to advance towards the high-level central region.
- Each Guild can only occupy a limited amount of tiles (Tile Limit). The Guild must occupy [Small Towns] or [Large Towns] to increase the Tile Limit. The Guild Leader and Vice Leader can choose to abandon tiles to free up more tile space to occupy Towns.
27. Mid-Phase Focus
- Occupy more high-level resources tiles and abandon low-level resource tiles, then advance toward Large Towns.
28. Aim For the Core
- Start attacking the Imperial Castle once you have occupied a Large Town. Occupy the Imperial Castle to gain Imperial Castle Score. At the end of the event, the Guild with the highest Imperial Castle Score will win the rewards in the Imperial Chest.