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[News] June 2020 Update FAQ

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Posted on 6/16/20 1:39:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Q: How do I play the new game mode, Mastermind Dungeon?
Unlocking the game mode: Mastermind Dungeon is unlocked together with Insane Dungeon as an extension of Dungeon gameplay.

Win requirements: Eliminate all enemy Heroes and Buildings in the stage to win. Compared to other Dungeon difficulties, Mastermind Dungeon stages have tougher victory conditions to fulfil; you won't be able to win just by destroying Buildings.

Mastermind Dungeon features: Monsters in a Mastermind Dungeon stage will have a powerful randomized buff. You can challenge up to 3 stages per day.
Q: What are the new features included with the release of Epic Heroes?
Apart from Epic Heroes enhancement, two other features are added: Relics and Hero Assist. Both features are unique to Epic Heroes.

About Hero Assist:
For every Epic Hero, one Hero from the Oracle, Saint, and Brawler Factions can be deployed to assist in battle. The assisting Heroes increase the Epic Hero's 7 basic attributes by a certain percentage, which corresponds to the Epic Hero's evolution status. Please also take note: when evolving an Epic Hero, you must consume either respective Hero Cards, or extra copies of the Hero. Hero Shards cannot be used to evolve an Epic Hero.

About Relics:
A Relic can be upgraded by consuming Vestiges (new item) of the specific Epic Hero. You can Refine a Relic after it is upgraded to Lv 10. Refining a Relic further strengthens the corresponding Epic Hero.
Q: How do I obtain Epic Heroes?
Epic Heroes can be hired through the Heroes Altar. You can also obtain Epic Hero Soulstones and Vestiges in this month's newly-released Mastermind Dungeon. To help familiarize everyone with Epic Heroes, we will give away related items after the update. The giveaways will help you obtain Epic Heroes and experience the effects brought by the new Factions more quickly.
Q: What adjustments did Challenge a Warden, Lost Battlefield, and Line of Defense receive?
Challenge a Warden: Added rare Alphamech Soulstones and new Faction items (Orderbound Birthrocks and Voidwalker Birthrocks) as rewards. The quantity of basic rewards is greatly increased.
Lost Battlefield: Increased the Gem reward and bonus Fame granted based on Ranking.
Line of Defense: Removed Crystal Wraith Soulstones as rewards, replacing them with Boreal Fox Soulstones.
Q: What improvements did [Narcia: War Era] receive?
The matchmatching among registered Guilds is improved to provide balanced gameplay, selecting Guilds of more comparable Might for each instance map.

Posted on 6/16/20 11:37:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Can you confirm if narcia matchmaking is based on guild might or the sum of all members who registered?  We're trying to decide if we should make narcia mandatory or optional. If it's based on registered members then we can make it optional. Thanks.