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[Event] [Forum Event] What I Love about Castle Clash?

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Posted on 7/9/20 12:10:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Greetings Clashers!

Castle Clash is officially turning 7 years old this week and it has been a long and fun filled journey.  During that time we have experienced many, many changes; removal of Artifacts, additions to our bases, Multiple new game modes, increased caps on buildings and heroes, Pets, Archdemons, Super Pets, Destiny, Wardens, Traits, Insignia, Equipment and an endless supply of newer and better heroes, and the list goes on.  What we would like to know as we embark upon another year  what are the top [3] things you love about Castle Clash..

How To Participate:
1~Post your [3] favorite things about Castle Clash
2.*Check your info carefully, missing or incorrect submission will result in forfeiture of prizes*
3~ Post your hero selection **See Exclusions List below**
4~Enter & Done!

Event Duration:
July 21st - July 27th - 23:59 Server Time (GMT-5)

***Top prizes will be randomly selected from all valid entries*** 
5 players: Prime Insignia Pack Lv10 * 1 + Hero of Choice + Hero Skin Scraps * 50
Excluding:Dynamica, Demon Stalker, Young Spark, Boa Queen, Zephyrica, Spirit Mage, Minotaur Chieftain, Destoryer, Event heroes(Wordless Zealot, Dark Mage, Alphamech, Valiant Saintess, Boreal Fox, Rambard, Bloody Mary, Hot Shot,)
1,000 Gems Randomly Awarded - Total number of awards will be based on number of valid entries

Event Host: (FirstLady + Cichociemiak)


1. You can NOT edit your post
2. One Entry Per Account/IP Address/DNS Network
3. No Questions / Conversations in the thread use Event Q&A Thread ---> LINK
4. Submission must be original content, no copies of content from other entries or forum.
5. Missing or incorrect information will result in forfeiture of prizes.
*Check your gaming info carefully and pm a host for posting issues before you disqualify yourself*
6. Winners will be based on Admin / Moderator's vote 
7. IGG reserves the right of final interpretation of the event rules and rewards and usage of all submission.


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My three favorite things about castle clash are, 1.Its ability to let me play for 6 years and still not be bored of it, 2. The gamemodes(arch demon,lbf,gw,squad showdown, etc.), And lastly 3. The ever expanding vararity of heros and talent's that shapes this games core and allows for us to create anything from the best defense to a hero that reaches max attack speed in 2 seconds.

Hero Selection: Miss Magic
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Happy Clashing Everyone!
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1 getting new heroes. A lot complain about this or the speed at which heroes come but tbh its extremely nice to get a new hero. I also feel its easier to get newer heroes these days. Maybe i m just lucky... i hope not so that everyone enjoys this more. It would be nice if igg continues to rigg the game a bit so you can get new heroes more often. Cards, rolling rewards...the combo is very good atm.
2 the guild system.. actually without the guild system, i wouldnt be around anymore. Making friends, talking, chitchat. All part of the game.
3 rewards.... nuff said i think....good rewards are essential. Certainly if you want to keep up a bit...grab a prize, sign in, events etc... thats very nice. And dont forget the forum events ! They have giving me very very good stuff! (Still missing that zephy wink)

Hero: the new and rollable boa queen please. (If this was forgotten to exclude, i ll settle for landwalker.)

Thx for organising. Be cool be safe

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What i love about the game is
1 pets with the dozen different pets we have right now there are endless combinations to create hero with pet and they make such a difference in battle
2. monthly updates some might diseagree on this one but i love the monthly updates the game keeps improving new heroes new game modes
3. mastermind dungeons I love this new kind of dungeons cause we can obtain new freee epic heroes demon stalker for now hopefully this changed in the future.

hero of choice rune master

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Things i like about castle clash:
1. Every month it launches two new heroes in the game ...whenever i feel bored using a hero and boom a new update came with new heroes, better rewards and new game always surprises me with out of the box events.....
2. I started playing the game in 2014 but at that time gems were very costly....getting a lvl 5 talent is a big achievement but now it has came out with accumulation event where it is very easy to get truckload of rewards for a little amount of money...
3. The thing this game has done is adding the feature where we can increase the speed upto 4 times that saved a lot of time and sweep feature.... now we don't have to clear hbm waves and hbm to get experience....also the rewards for f2p got a huge boost...
There so many things to list ....listing everything in 3 points is not possible but i did my best ..

Hero selection: Rune Master and its skin.

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1) The game modes.
There are many game modes in Castle Clash and the ones I do daily (or when they are opened) are Team Dungeons, Team Here Be Monsters, Here Be Monsters, Heroes Trial, Blitz Gauntlet, Arid Runes, Castle Crisis, Challenge a Boss, Guild Wars, Fortress Feud, Narcia: War Era, Arena, Expedition, Lost Battlefield, Squad Showdown, Lostland, Lost Realm, Labyrinth, Challenge a Warden, Line of Defense, Dungeons (including the new Mastermind Dungeons).
My favourite is Mastemind Dungeons because they are easy and you can get soulstones of Demon Stalker.
I like playing all this modes and as there are a lot, normally I spend 1 hour completing all them, so I can stream daily on Twitch and have fun with people and discussing the best enchantment/insignia/ talent of some heroes and other interesting topics.

2) The number of events for f2p.
I joined more than 5 years ago and I am very proud to see how IGG changed. Now they give more (and better) rewards for f2p and there are new events. Where we can win free things are in Pirate Booty, Clashers Sign-In, Courtesy Card, Fountain Fortuna, Thunder God´s Gifts, Treasure Mining, Uncover the Treasures (this event needs to be updated!), Quirky Traits, Enchanting Changes, Hire Heroes and Win, Spend Gems for Packs, Spend Gems and Win, Plant for Prizes, Board Game Bash, Catch-a-prize, Egg Hatch-a-thon (this event rarelly comes, like Fountain Fortuna), Discount Store, Floating Isle, Creation Machine,etc.
My favourite events are Treasure Mining and Floating Isle. Treasure Mining because you get a reward (normally a chest) every 300 gems that you spend and if you are lucky you can get 3 keys to open special chests that gives you insane rewards!
About Floating Isle I like it because if we have Magic Powder we can get soulstones of official event heroes. There I got Wordless Zealot for free and I am close to unlock Alphamech too!

3) People.
I like the people that play Castle Clash (except those kids asking for girls in general chat). Normally they are sweet, kind, responsable, friendly and help you telling the best setup for any hero. Also my guild is super cool I joined AngelsValley almost 3 years ago and I am very proud. They motivated me in the game, but also in my personal life. I had a bast past in my life because illnesses but also evil people. Castle Clash was a place I could hide of the world and forget eveything, People of Castle Clash really helped me in my life and I am really happy for playing the game.
Also the support of Castle Clash is good. Except one time that I sold one decoration and they said they couldn´t see that (so I lost it), the rest of the times I asked for help, the support could manage it and help me!

Hero +skin I want= Boa Queen and her skin Dragon Tamer.
Thanks IGG for this oportunity, you are the best! Happy anniversary Castle Clash!

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Hero choice-Lavanica
1) I play this game in college time . I have no mobile this time. I play this game in friend mobile and I like it .After 1year I buy a mobile and install this game and login with friend mail but not connect because friend mobile is windows set .So I start newly in my mobile but not such excitement beacuse I have no good hero but one day I tripple legendary roll of PD,Michel and harpy queen they changes my game.Then continue play five year now I have all f2p hero.
2)lost land new is changes my excitement more for I got first time official event hero.then get most of official hero from hero card,tapjoy.
3)One of my igg friend is very luckiest for me when he wish me to get a particular hero then I got it .His first blessing is walla I got that hero and found first time lvl 8 insignia in hero collector .When blessings next time I got dove that change my entire game.
There are more fun and experiences in game but these 3 are more memorable.

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1. There are always newer hero and talent so we are not bored.
2. Some of new game modes that fun.
3. War animation are best for me.
Above all that i happy beause always get good response by igg team, when complaining or have trouble in game.
I choose dynamica and its skin, cause i love his design
Miss Magic

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1. Narcia war
2. Guild war
3. Insignia

Hero of choice: Rune Master

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The top three things I love about castle clash are:
1 superpets (adding boost to heros )
2 insignias ( bringing much variation to the game )
3 backgrounds ( they are a beauty ,newly introduced are Soo beautiful )
My hero of choice is Rune Master.