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Hello! I'm here to show you all the things I've created, let's hope these make it in the game!
talent:Ghosts Cape

Increases heroes dodge by X% and reduces dmg taken by X%, also makes hero elusive for X's(cool down X's)

hero1:Soul collector

skill:Soul reap:

ghost form: this hero turns elusive for x's and deals x% of dmg to them, converting x% to hp(cool down x's) when this hero is in play, grants nearby enemy heroes fear for x's(cool down x's) (hero can hit elusive when hero is in elusive too.) Human form:this hero deals dmg equal to x% of it's hp, this hero also summons a ghoul for x's(ghoul can only take 1 dmg cool down x's) when ghoul is in play, deals true dmg equal to x% of ghouls attack. (This hero is immune to fear, stun, silence, and entangle, and has fast energy recovery, this hero also reflects 50% of incoming damage.)

hero 2: DemoMan

Skill:Boom Boom!

Every x's this hero throws dynamite at x buildings dealing a total of x% of demoman's attack(cool down x's) every x's this hero heals x% of demoman's atk(cool down x's) this hero also increases accuracy by x% when throwing dynamite, (this effect can not stack.) This hero is immune to stun, fear, silence, entangle.(this hero can revive once with 50% hp,)(this hero has fast energy recovery)

enchantment:haunted lantern

Removes elusive from heroes(cool down x's)also deals x% dmg of heroes atk to all enemy heroes in the battlefield(cool down x's)
It may not be balanced...but it's really interesting to me, I hope you all like this idea! :) stay safe everyone!

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Thanks for posting your creations, however you should not restrict them by placing dates on timelines on them.:angel:


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If you gave ideas of elusive skill, i think it would be good to give something to counter it. Last thing we need is everyone running with same skill

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Something I would like to see is a building to auto collect the blue crystal. Once build you have to watch adverts to power it up 1 advert gives 4 hours max 24 hours  so would generate income for igg as well