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[News] October 2020 update FAQ

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Posted on 10/20/20 4:25:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Q: What are the new changes to Guild Bosses?
In this update, we revamped the Guild Bosses in the Challenge a Boss game mode. The new Guild Bosses come in various difficulties and grant improved rewards. Please read the details below:
1. The Guild Leader or Vice Leader may start the Boss challenge. Guild Credits are consumed to start the challenge.
2. All Guild members may join the challenge once it is started. You can still challenge a Boss when its HP has reached 0. Only players who challenged the Boss will receive rewards.
3. The challenge time and number of attempts may differ between Bosses. Challenge attempts reset at 00:00 server time every day.
4. Your Guild must defeat a Boss (by reducing its HP to 0) before time runs out to challenge a higher-level Boss in the next event. After defeating a Boss, there is a 24-hour cooldown before the next event starts. Don't forget to collect your rewards during the cooldown period. Once the next event starts, uncollected rewards will be forfeited!
5. There are multiple clones of each Boss. Defeat these clones to reduce the Boss' HP. The number of clones that appear changes as the Boss becomes stronger.
6. There are a total of 15 Boss levels. Higher-level Bosses will grant more rewards.

Q: What feature was added this month?
Leveling up your Heroes and Buildings is more convenient than ever. If you run out of resources while leveling up a Hero or upgrading a Building, you can now access and use items in your Warehouse directly on the upgrade interface. You no longer need to switch between the upgrade and Warehouse interfaces.

Q: Were any improvements and adjustments made this month?
1. Adjusted Training Log and Novice 7-Day Sign-In rewards. Both new and veteran players may participate in these tasks. Don't forget to collect the rewards after completing the tasks!
2. Increased the default number of Warehouse slots (increased from 20 to 40). New and veteran players alike will have 20 more slots in their Warehouse to store items.
3. Adjusted the max Prestige obtainable from some Titles to better align with player's progression.
4. Reduced the amount of Prestige required to level up Title Talents and Battle Talents. This will better align with player's progression and resource output.
5. Adjusted Mastermind Dungeon rewards. You can now obtain Mad Inventor Soulstones and Vestiges as rewards.
6. Adjusted Guild Shop rewards. You can now buy more things from the Guild Shop, including Legendary Hero Vestiges, Dark Mage Hero, Light Bringer Scraps, and other rare items.

Q: What are this month's bug fixes?
1. Batch-opening Fortress Chest II will no longer display Prestige icons incorrectly.
2. Corrected Axe Punisher's skill description.
3. Team Here Be Monsters: fixed an error that caused previous Heroes to remain on their Hero Bases after defensive lineup was changed.
4. Arena: fixed an error that sometimes revealed opponent's defensive lineup.
5. When changing Traits: fixed a calculation error that occurred when player switched to consume Prestige due to insufficient Merits.