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[News] November 2020 update FAQ

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Posted on 11/18/20 6:39:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Q: What are Main Quests?
- Main Quests are story chapter tasks and are available to every player. They help players better understand the game and provide rewards for development.
Q: Where can I get the new item that raises Breakthrough Lv?
- Players can obtain this new item (Capstone Ruby) every day via the Wailing Rift. Don't forget to challenge the Wailing Rift every day! Tip: you can get 2x rewards when you play this game mode at specific timings.
Q: What features have had their access hidden?
- Access to features you have not yet unlocked due to insufficient Might will be hidden. This will prevent events you cannot yet participate in from showing up. To find out how much Might you need to unlock a feature, tap on your Title icon and select the feature.
Q: Were improvements made to Skin Scraps? Where can I view my Skin Scraps after the update?
- After this update, Skin Scraps will no longer occupy your Warehouse slots. You can view your Skin Scraps in the Skins interface (Tap on the helmet icon at the lower-left corner of the main interface - Skins).