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[Suggestion] This is no longer a Tower Defense Game

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Posted on 11/24/20 11:03:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

You need to implement a specific hero data. This game is about the heroes now. I need to know at the very least...
Who does Most Damage?
Who does Most Healing?
Who takes Most damage?

I"ve played Magic Rush, Idle Heroes, Afk Arena. I started out in this game when it came out. No need to put this mechanic in you say? Well all of these 1000$ heroes you keep putting in will have the same dmg caps, resists, blah blah blah. Make this game great again imo. Not quoting trump. It just seems like a cash grab. I see see my guy has 18000 dodge yet hes getting 2 shotted why? Where did it come from? How much did he block before he died?  I am play 2 pay.

Posted on 11/25/20 12:38:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

That's a lot informations you want to know. And lots of work to put it into game. From description game is showing stats before entering battlefield, cause some talents and enchantments are changing them on battlefield which is in battle. Therefore stats you write imo would be calculated without talent/enchantment effects which means those would be not accurate. First this would have to be changed so we will see all stars including bonuses, and after that what you write could be implemented. But i think it would take lots of folks to say same thing to convince devs to do it. Imo nie they have different priorities.

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