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[Suggestion] Some suggestions

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Posted on 11/28/20 10:03:30 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1- Anyone with 0 fame/merits should have the ability to buy with prestige from the fame/merits store or remove the stores from accounts without these resources.
2-  The items cost in Trade Prestige should be lowered and the items should be changed every day/week.
3- Remove or at least raise the cap of prestige gained each day.
4- When you click on Red Crystals icon it says that it's mainly obtained from lost realm and lostland but they drop very little of it hence why it should be increased.
5- I'd love to see a game mode that drops Victory Mark.
6- You get crest boxes when you beat some teams in LR, that definitely needs a change.
7- if it wasn't for the chance of getting Flame Guards insignia I would never enter Castle Crisis. Archdemon is fun but I'd suggest an increase of rewards considering the pain of changing insignias and so on. Impster has outdated rewards.
8-  Remove the 10sec cooldown when soloing Lava/Infernal summit.
9- We need a "claim all" button when finishing the set of quests.
10- Instantly finish a round of LBF when beating a team that has reapster pet, that pet is a waste of time and can never kill a hero.
I have other suggestions but I'd start with these, i know it won't be implemented overnight or if it will be in the first place. some game modes have irrelevant/low rewards and have to be changed/boosted imo, When Fame came around we had Guildwars/Archdemon/Fortress Feud to get Fame from and these game modes were so fun and rewarding.
At last, im not asking for P2P kinda amount of rewards and stuff but a change that will help the F2P enjoy and grow in exchange of their time. (my main/smurf are P2P/F2P respectively)

Posted on 11/28/20 10:59:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well that is a lot, might I suggest that when making suggestions you group those into corresponding categories in smaller amounts with a brief insight into why you feel the suggestions should be considered and / or implemented.  This helps the relevant staff to follow you.

My personal opinions are:
*1) Good idea but I believe this is how it was advertised when prestige was, as fame and merit are depleted items generally bought with those resources could then be purchased with prestige.

*2) Agreed! The cost of most items in all the shops should be decreased and older less required items should be decreased even more or removed.. For example no one in their right mind would buy the older hero cards at those prices.

*3) Agreed! Especially if it is to be the main or among the top resources in game.

*4) The description should be changed as it is outdated, now a days you can obtain far more from Pirate's Booty or chests.

*5) Interesting but I think it should be integrated into an existing game mode.  I personally think that there are too many variations of the same battles, in fact they need to remove some.

*6) Agreed! They should remove crests from the game entirely.

*7)  I reserve comment as this is more a personal opinion then a suggestion.

*8)-9) &-10) Absolutely Agree, any time management features are most welcomed.

Thank you for taking the time to submit these suggestions.


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Posted on 11/28/20 2:05:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Useless. besides 2 and 10

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Posted on 11/28/20 7:08:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree with all, very good points for suggestions. Hope the devs take them under consideration. :) Sadly, we have not seen many changes since the time they introduced prestige and asked for feedback:
Happily we do get more amazing events and secret codes.

Hope u don't mind me adding some points too:
1. Team dungens and monsters - return the old rewards so that players get something more than just prestige. Or introduce new rewards along with prestige.

2. The same for Arid ruins - If a 900k+ might player does all his 2x rounds in Team modes, Lost Battlefield etc to reach daily prestige limit - arid ruins becomes useless. If players had more rewards from there, like it was before, there is a reason to play.

3. Books
They are essential for BT, and players need a way to get them trough ingame mods or is there? Prestige is insanely expensive as well as guild shop.  Before we had tomes dropping from different modes Now the only ingame mode that give tomes is lonely sea. Pretty hard for low might players to accumulate enough tomes for upgrading BT35 heroes. There should be some change to this as currently a true F2P ingame mode besides sea doesn't exist (don't count arid with its 8 blue books). Yes, we all could spend gems in events like pirate, treasure, carnival etc but those are not accumulation type of game modes like sea that give a reward for free play every day. Those things are essential. We are long past the time when HB and shards were so rare that we had to spend months saving for 1st Phantom King. 2 new heroes every mont, epics, bt35 - all wonderful advancements that need tomes for adequate upgrades and would be lovely to obtain them not only through gems/$.

4. Enhancements
It would be great to make the rolling go faster. Some players with 2k+ boxes will grow old searching for hc 5

5. Talents
Same as enhancements, though they seem to roll a bit faster?

6. Red crystals
Same as books ... agree with All mentioned by the author. we used to have a stable daily mod for acquiring them. Now sadly only through spending gems.

7. Torch battle
rewards of approx 1500 hb and 200 shards... Needs a complete revamp.

8. Narcia
Location fix. Every guild should have a fair starting point. Distance to at least 1st 2-3 towns should be the same for all guilds. We don't need a map where we compete with 30-40 guilds, lowering this number may be beneficial.

P2P and F2P opinion aimed towards improving the game for all and intended for IGG team.

Posted on 11/28/20 7:27:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just my opinion but I actually prefer that prestige has a cap since I'm too lazy to farm all day anyway. Not to mention, if you are an f2p your chances are limited. But I do agree they should at least raise the cap.

Posted on 11/28/20 7:31:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I see some good and solid ideas here, but not all would be possible. Still i think i would agree to them, without any problems.

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