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[Chat (Android)] Hidden Events

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Posted on 12/31/20 4:09:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

A week ago we could see events in the Announcement tab. Now we have to look at more events to see what events are even there. To me, its like IGG is doing it on purpose trying to hide events.

Posted on 12/31/20 4:43:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have also noticed it, and i wanted to make post about it, but You were first.

Lately more and more events are hidden in "More events" tab, and less is visible on main page. I wonder why, since there is lot's of space in "Announcements" tab, and more would fit there but those are not there. It is like devs didn't wanted to make list too long, and were only interested in one page, and everything else was thrown to "more events" tab. Even Poker event is not on first page, and usually it was, which is weird. 
Let's hope in 2021 it will be back to what it was before, but on other hand maybe it will create habit of checking "More events" tab daily so we will not miss any interesting events, which we could miss if we didn't checked it.

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Posted on 12/31/20 11:42:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Initially the more events page was generally designated as the P2P event page, and F2P members just got used to not viewing this page because the events were not for us.  Then expired events were placed on the page for 24hrs to allow members to obtain their last draw/rewards.  Many times members are confused and claiming these events are being hidden, when in reality they are just being moved from the active announcements tab and placed into holding those last 24hrs.  Aside from this mistakes do happen, but when these mistakes happen and the mistake is brought to IGG's attention the events are moved to the announcements tab.  Hope that adequately responds to your inquiry.


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Posted on 12/31/20 12:04:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have made it a habit to look in the More Events page after missing a couple this year. Now it's a habit and it's easy enough to check. Maybe it's in error, or maybe it's not. Either way, it's easy to check.

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