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[News] Castle Clash Update on Jan 8th (AMZ-EN) [Version 1.8.6]

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The Castle Clash servers will be going offline for maintenance at 2:00  (server time: GMT-5) on Jan 8th for about 4hours. Once the maintenance is complete, everyone will get 300 free Gems. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

1. New Hero: Genteel Droid
Skill Name: Bullet Spray
Skill Description:
Deals X% ATK DMG to every enemy target in front within an arc. For Xs, gains immunity to Stun, Freeze, and Silence and reduces DMG received by X%. (Cooldown: Xs.) (This Hero has a X% chance to Dodge. When Hero Dodges, deals DMG to the enemy Hero with the lowest percentage HP equal to X% of this enemy Hero's Max HP. (This damage ignores DMG limits of targets.) Cooldown: Xs. This Hero has fast Energy recovery.)

2. New Hero: Lady Weldcore
Skill Name: Spinning Fans
Skill Description:
Deals X% ATK DMG each to X random enemy Heroes. (If target Hero is Paralyzed, this deals extra X DMG.) Recovers HP equal to X% of Max HP every second for the next Xs. (Cooldown: Xs.) (This Hero Paralyzes X random enemy Heroes for Xs every Xs, is immune to Stun and Silence, and reduces DMG received by X%.)

3. New Talent: Wind's Guidance
Description: Raises Dodge by X% and Max HP by X%.
4. New Insignia: Zero In
Description: Raises ATK by X%. When Hero attacks, has a X% chance to ignore damage limits of targets for the next Xs. (CD: Xs)
5. New Hero Skins ("Nutcracker" for Genteel Droid, "Feathery Grace" for Lady Weldcore)
6. Increased Max Building Lv by 5 levels. Added new Building Achievements.
7. Added three new Decorations (Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and Bronze Medal)
8. Added recording function in Narcia: War Era.

1. Adjusted Squad Showdown gameplay.
2. Heroes Trial: adjusted stages and Hero pool. (Heroes added into Hard difficulty stages: Jumbear, Crystal Wraith, Ice Lady, Demon Stalker, Young Spark, Mad Inventor)
3. Floating Isle improvements. (Added a Gems' prize pool to basic rewards. Players have a chance to win all the Gems in the prize pool every time they consume Magic Powder.)
4. Lost Realm improvements. (Added function descriptions. EXP is now shown using its icon on the Battle Report.)
5. Adjusted Chat prompts. (Added Guild Information messages in main Chat channel.)
6. Adjusted Prestige limit system message. (A pop-up message will appear when Prestige reaches max.)
7. Adjusted main story tasks. (Reduced the number of chapter tasks per day. Increased the total number of story chapters.)
8. Guild Boss improvement: added Auto Start support.
9. Improved upgrading Buildings with Gems function. (Added option to not show prompt.)
10. Increased maximum slots in the Heroes Altar by 2. (Max 139 slots.)

Bug Fixes:
1. Corrected the number of Revives shown on Rambard's Lv 11-15 skill description.
2. Fixed an issue in Rambard's skill that sometimes caused friendly units to become invincible.
3. Fixed Pet Droggo's skill anomalies.
4. Fixed Pet Drako's movement animation lag.
5. Line of Defense: fixed rankings display issue.
6. Narcia: War Era: fixed an issue that caused an additional "Close" button to appear on the top-right corner of Tasks interface.
7. Fixed an issue that caused a blank line to appear after an Insignia is sold.