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[Chat (WP)] Can't update/install

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Posted on 1/15/21 10:48:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

G'day lads, I haven't been able to get the recent update (Windows). Following the 'update' button upon the loading screen I get shown to install and I press it and my Microsoft Store freezes. Tried to uninstall and install but same problem occurred. Resetting Microsoft Store through settings was no good. Any tips? Cheers

yeh nah
Posted on 1/17/21 9:58:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please switch between connections and try again. Should still fail to update, please try to enable sideload apps or developer mode and then it will allow to install our game with the .
appx file provided (!Atl1PnRl2lBNhZY1zINlsfe_1NRFjw?e=TqhlMh)
* To access Developer Mode, head to Settings > Update & Security > For Developers and select “Developer mode”.
Please check it on your end and confirm. We hope this helps clarify your concern.