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[Chat (Android)] Bad support game

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Posted on 1/22/21 6:52:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi everybody.
I am a longtime member, 6-7 years with castle clash.  7 days ago I lost relics attribute of Dynamica. I have contacted the online support many times but they handle it unprofessional, bad support.
After 6 days of waiting, IGG sent me a letter with compensation of 30,000 gems.  Have a sore hand and the doctor gives you eye medicine?  That is IGG's treatment?  I bought the in-game item for almost $ 150,000 and will I need those 30,000 gems?  Isn't that funny?  Oh no what I need is fairness, I don't need gems.
I will continuously claim the rights of the player and ask an attorney if necessary.

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excuse me but how can you lose the relic attributes? If you rolled for better attributes then its not IGG's fault. Please explain better next time because I sincerely don't get your situation. And is it really necessary to call an attorney? Plus why would you spend that much money I mean currently the most expensive pack in the bazar is $ 500 so that means you bought multiple items but still

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Hmmm Tbh you prolly changed them but forgot you did? I mean its literally impossible for someone to access your account and change his relic. Do you know how many gems you had before and after you saw your dyna relic was missing? Were you missing gems? Also IGG does not "purge" players to make there account worse if they have good stuff. As far as they are concerned a dyna with all 15% HP relics is "good" :/ I advise you try PM'ing our fellow man on the inside: paparuazi or try contacting live support again and see if they cant give you back your gems spent.

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We can't tell what happened therefore we can't tell if is devs fault.
Someone just did it and to did it either it had login and password or hacked to your account of phone i have no idea how. I don't see any fault in devs for sure, and still they tried to compensate loss and you are angry at them. I don't think there is option to roll back those changes either.
Theoretically you could do it accidently and after that try to blame others and demand to revert changes. I said theoretically cause we have same proof you did it, as devs did it. No proof at all, therefore try not to point finger without evidences.
We can't help that but what you should do ASAP is change your account password for safe and difficult and do it on safe device and not your phone. It can be infected with virus or trojan. This is something which must be done to avoid this situation to happen again.

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Did u spend $150,000 for this game? OMG!!!

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I spent 150,000 on 4 accounts.  And when something went wrong, IGG told me to wait.  After 4 days, they answered.  and after 6 days they said it was irreversible and sent me 30,000 gems.  OMG I'm not a kid.

Posted on 1/22/21 12:34:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Basically, what members are saying is that you have to physically be logged into an account to change the relics, so this is most likely to have accidentally occurred at your own hand or that of someone with access to your account or device.  

IGG has the ability to audit the account and determine if your Dyna had the relics you are asserting and I am sure they shared with you exactly when the change occurred.  Regarding your assertion that the relics were "purged"; I am not sure what you mean as relics are a changed by gem roll.  

Further there are people in customer service who have absolutely no business being there, but generally one's customer service experience can be negatively or positively affected by the consumer.  If you are rude and irrational in expressing your issue, then the service received will most likely be negatively impacted.  

Finally you say what you want is fairness but it seems to be lacking on your side.  You claim you did not change the relics but that IGG purged them.... Did you see this occur? NO!?! So what evidence do you have that IGG was involved at all in the changing of your relics?  As stated one has to physically be on the account to change the relics, how often have you known IGG to log into your account?  Is it fair to point a finger at someone or defame their character or business practices without proof?  Where is the fairness in your actions?


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You see the problem I have with this forum administrators, you always condemns and concludes issues and concerns that players put across, as if you are spokespersons for igg. you see, I had a similar issue, I tried to upgrade my hero base to level 26, and all of a sudden the network was interrupted, I logged into the game again and to my surprise my 6000 gems was taken from my account, I couldn't believe my eyes and I checked my warehouse and I found out that I have a lot of mana pack in storage, so even if it were to be my mistake why did I have a lot of mana pack and my gems was taken.I contacted live support and after their audit they said I had no resources and as a result I used gems to upgrade and they are going to give me a one time service refund, I waited and waited up till now to no avail,whilst I have a lot of mana pack in storage, so am asking whose fault is please forum admins you are the spokespersons of this forum not igg, listens to concerns with open mind and heart and see the best you can do to help address issues, it may be a bug.thanks

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I have one more question, cause i have just thought about it.
Devs told you when that change happened ?? If so did you tried to analyze what happened that day with your device ?? Are you have your account only on one device or few ??
Like i said earlier i am no trying to blame either you or devs (cause like i said devs have no business in doing things like that cause it will trigger complaint every time) but there must be an explanation for it. Reasonable explanation. i bet my money there were someone else fault.

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