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[Media] Inquisitess/Weldcore/Dove Sniping 3 Mil Bases | Joining TAZ.JOKER (Castle Clash)

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Good Luck in TAZ Joker and thanks for the vid.


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Nice vid! Never really understood the point of a hero killing team for gw, since you and your opponents can only view points scored and not casualties of the raid but great video regardless.

Happy Clashing Everyone!
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Interesting options i must say. I was still sticking with TP on Dove, but maybe time has come to try HR as second talent. And why SL for Weldcore ?? I saw somewhere WA/VS to make her hit as hard as possible. Of course this makes her glass cannon, but if she will be able to kill heroes more quickly this way, than why not ?
But still thanks for hints.

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