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[Off-Topic] Events

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Posted on 12/27/21 5:58:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Cichociemiak and Firstlady,
This is my idea.. you can make an event with minesweeper concept.. each individual tile will have corresponding prize for example epic hero card of dynamica or other epic heroes or talent or gems or resources..etc.. each player/account/ip address will only have 3 chances to select a tile and get ultimate prizes.. everyone will have prizes even they dont get the top prizes too which depends what tile they selected.. This will be purely by luck event. You can make different small minesweeper which have different prize locations if you wish to give multiple qty of ultimate prizes.. or 1 big minesweeper which can have only have 3 top prizes and random prizes.. it's up to you to decided, this is an idea to consider.. More power guys! :)

Posted on 12/30/21 4:32:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

maybe redo some of the prospector wheel event rewards. example remove the 2 coin spent chest and add a new chest after dynamica where you have to spend 200 or so coins to get serratica or thundrahoof/sword sage. tresure mining maybe add a Diamond chest in the key rewards after gold chest where you get a new hero card that can give event only heros example artica/rosaleen etc+ some maybe some of the new book chests that gives 1k books, epic hero vestige select box  and other usefull things. Plant for prize maybe remove love diety and replace it with a new pet select box. the 15th reward where you could get epic hero training badge atleast degrade the when you get it make it the 10th reward insted but make it so you get 40 of the badge. sunken tresure allow f2p players get 1 chance every 5k gems spent. line of defense swap rewards with soulstone selectbox easy gives 1 box of tier 3 heros soulstone boxes medium gives 3 boxes and hard gives soulstone select box of tier 2 heros. blitz gauntlet remove the death counter on heros maybe players will play it more.

in general what im trying to say is upgrade the old rewards to give the same reward but make it in select boxes or make so players have the option to pick reward that thay desire or needs the most.

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