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[Suggestion] Hero Suggestion : Dark Matter and Enchantment Suggestion: Spirit Siphon

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Dark Matter

Anti Particle :
Every 6 seconds attacks up to 6 enemy heroes with a beam of energy for 2 seconds. Beam of energy cannot be dodged or removed. Beam removes X energy every .5 seconds and X %enemy hp every .5 seconds for 2 seconds. This hp and energy is then distributed evenly to allies. Heats up, causing all nearby enemies to take X % att per second while in range, and increases att by X%  and increases friendly heroes crit rate and crit dmg by 50% for 5 seconds. Cooldown 8 seconds. When Dark Matter HP is below 25% becomes invulnerable and attacks random enemy hero, instantly killing hero and Dark Matter. This attack can’t be dodged or effected by dmg reduction, elusive, survival, or revive. Dark Matter can not be revived. Any attack that would kill Dark Matter instead leaves him with 1 HP.
Dark Matter is immune to all status effects

Hero Background: Know one knows where Dark Matter comes from, or why he decided to enter Narcias realm in the first place. But no matter the reason, he brings destruction everywhere he goes.

Spirit Siphon

Enemy heroes within range lose X% energy and health, hero with Spirit Siphon gains x% energy and health, increasing crit resist by x% for x seconds. Cooldown x seconds.

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Another interesting and detailed idea. Thanks :)

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You do come up with some comprehensive suggestion, but it does seem a bit too op.


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Easy way to counter dark matter, throw revive on everyone lol. Spirit Siphon would be a interesting thing to see implemented in game.

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Thanks for your suggestion
I will feedback to our team