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[Suggestion] Hero Suggestion: Highwayman and Talent Suggestion : Meditate

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Highway Man
Skill Name- Caltrops
Removes x buffs from x random enemies and places those buffs on Highway Man. Cooldown down: 6 Seconds.  Drops caltrops in area where hero moves as long as hero is moving, every 3 seconds. Enemies that move over caltrops move speed is reduced by 25% and lose 10% of max Hp + 12000 dmg per second for 3 seconds. Highway Man cannot receive more than 9000 reflected dmg becomes elusive when health is under 35% for 2 seconds ( Cooldown 4 seconds) and is immune to stun and silence.

Hero Design notes: his caltrops are thrown down where he’s at and where he moves. They don’t disappear until stepped on by enemies or game mode is over. This could ultimately lead to an after death kill of enemies in some game modes.

Hero Background: A world class thief and stagecoach robber, the Highway Man could steal the heart from a persons body while smiling in their face, unbeknownst.

Talent- Meditate

Every 7 seconds, hero stops attacking for 2.5 seconds. This hero takes no dmg gains no energy, and performs no basic attack while in meditation. Upon exiting meditative state, heroes attack is increased by X % for 4 seconds, can recover X % more health per heal for 4 seconds, and increases own crit resist by X % for 4 seconds.

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Interesting hero, dropping traps that affect opposing heros is a something that would be neat to see implemented in game. The talent meditate is also a something I would love to see implemented in game but sadly due to heroes already having similar skills I dont think it will ever be added(if you timed it right you could get heros like dark mage to take almost no damage).

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You certainly have a consistent theme, can I ask are you auditioning for a position with IGG?


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From where you are getting ideas for those heroes?? I haven't seen anyone posting so many ideas so fast.
Keep it up if course

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