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[Off-Topic] Do not watch Ads

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Posted on 7/9/21 2:05:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Since the update when Ads were added in the Lost Realm, Lost realm wins becomes a defeat but the spent stamina is not return thus wasting stamina and forcing a player to watch the ads. Even the Here be demon is affected by the abusive act. It is an abusive way to force players to watch ads just to compensate for the stolen stamina. Do not watch Ads.

Posted on 7/9/21 8:24:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Newly released and or updated content can have "Bugs" upon release, however if you should find an issue then the appropriate action would be to post in the update bug thread which is stickied to the top of the forum and highlighted red for approximately two weeks after each update specifically to address such issues as quickly as possible.  When posting in this thread we ask for as much information and supporting documentation as possible.

You can also use the link in game for Live Support / Chat so that they can audit your account to determine exactly what the issue is.  The whole scammer and abusive allegations are a bit over board, especially when you don't have to watch the ads, and most would not continue to watch them once any issue were discovered.


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